Unlike cilantro, a “taste-bud” you're either born with or without for the liking of its independent flavor, most of us out there are big time avocado fans. When avocado is listed on the menu I am always tempted in begging for extra avocado, with or without a flirtatious wink. Well, here's another reason to praise avocado: the oil pressed from this fruit is good for your health, beauty, and of course, your locs.

Here are all the wonderful things Avocado oil will do for your locs and why we utilize it in our shampoo:

  1. While most shampoos work at drying out your natural hair oils, which we know are particularly good for our locs, avocado oil will moisturize and offer a deep conditioning to your locs.

  2. Since avocado oil is nutritiously filled with amino acids, essential fatty acids, and vitamins A, B, D, and E it will naturally strengthen and improve your locs while also stimulating hair growth.

Curious about Some other Benefits of Avocado Oil?

Well, this oil is also high in Lutein, which functions as an antioxidant that greatly improves eye health. Lutein is not produced by the body and can only be externally absorbed by the body, AKA your diet. Lutein may lower the risks of most age related eye diseases.

There is this unfair rumor going around that avocado is fattening, however fatty foods doesn't always mean weight gain. The fat found in avocado is a healthy fat which aids in the absorption of essential nutrients and antioxidants found in many fruits and vegetables. There ya go, another reason for you to add avocado oil to your mixed greens!

Avocado oil is also said to have a stellar impact on your skin. So, feel free to indulge in avocado oil over your locs, face and shoulders. It is also said to promote faster healing of wounds and scarring.

A small word of advice: if you are ready to go out and add avocado oil to your shelves, just make sure to buy a cold-pressed version to get the maximum health benefits!