Our Favorite Dr Locs Products for Loose Natural Hair

Our Favorite Dr Locs Products for Loose Natural Hair

Dr locs' products are made with the best ingredients for hair, which is why so many people with loose natural hair choose to use our products too. Especially those who had locs and happen to have some Dr Locs’ products left over, they know how great Dr Locs’ products are for keeping the scalp clean and hair soft. In this article we’ll have a look at some of the products you can use in your loose hair and why your hair will benefit from these awesome natural hair care products. 

The Infamous Jinan Moisture Mix

The Jinan Moisture Mix works great for box braids, any temporary loc styles, and bohemian locs. It’s amazing because it helps keep the scalp clean, which we can all use a little of. A lot of people with long-term styles want to keep their scalp clean with a moisturizer that won't mask the hair and scalp. You will notice a huge difference when you take down your style after using this product, because your scalp will be clean. 

The Pre-Cleanse

The Pre-Cleanse is great on weaves because it works wonders on neutralizing the scalp, especially when you can't take your hair down. Spraying a little on the weave will neutralize the smell while adding an awesome scent to your hair. 

Athletes also love to use the Pre-Cleanse on their hair when they sweat a lot. It helps neutralize their hair when they don't want to wash every time they break out a sweat. They spray it throughout their hair and rinse out the Pre-Cleanse in the shower without having to wash their hair every day. 

The Yaya Oil

The Yaya Oil works great on all hair types and styles. People add the Yaya Oil into their cream to add a nice refined consistency before deep conditioning. It's also used for box braids and long term styles to massage the scalp. It's also great for anyone looking for a mix that will stimulate hair growth. 

It can be used as a body oil, which is something we discovered from our clients. People are really loving it as a body oil because it’s light but really gets the job done without leaving behind a greasy feel to skin.

The Amla Conditioner 

The Amla Conditioner can be used on loose hair as well as locs. It's great as a regular conditioner. You don't need color treated hair to use it. It can be used as a daily conditioner or as a styling cream. It doesn't have to be washed out of loose hair because it is light and won't weigh down your hair. It’s also used by the loose natural community for box braids as well. 

The Rose lavender Shampoo 

The Rose Lavender Shampoo can be used along with the Amla Extract Conditioner for anyone with box braids or with loose hair. This shampoo is moisturizing for anyone looking for that added moisture that other shampoos won’t give them. Again, you don't need to have color treated hair to benefit from this product. If your hair is dry, this product along with the Amla Conditioner is for you. 

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