Tips For Managing Baby Locs

Tips For Managing Baby Locs

If you’re kicking off your locs with baby locs you have a long and beautiful journey ahead of you. As with any change, there may be some challenges along the way, but we’re sure once you get through the bumpy parts, you’ll find it was all worth it. In this article we’ll have a look at some top tips from a professional loctician on how to maintain your baby locs. 

Step One: Breathe. 

It's going to happen. You will get there. It's a process so be patient and don't compare yourself to other people who have locs. Just get encouragement from them. It takes time. Take your time. It will happen. 

Retwisting Baby Locs

You want to make sure when you're retwisting or getting it retwisted to clip your hair from root to tip. You don't want to just clip back the root. You want to clip the root and the tip so everything is being twisted from root to tip. Just twisting the roots and leaving the ends hanging isn’t a proper retwist, your hair isn't being trained to do what it needs to do. Twist and train the hair from the root to the tip in order to train the hair. 

How to Wash and Groom Baby Locs

Use the whole entire Dr Locs’ Original line. You don't need mature locs to use the entire Dr Locs’ line. We use all the products during every step during your grooming process to get the most out of your products and your hair. 

When it comes to shampooing baby locs, it scares people. We do recommend to get your hair maintained by a loctician, because a lot of people can get frustrated and not see the progress. After washing your hair your hair will look like it's coming undone. A loctician during those first few months will know whats going on and can walk you through it. Your hair is being coiled. The coils come undone when you wash, but there’s coils at the tip of your hair now. 

Your locs are being developed and the coils at the tips of your fro will be used as a guideline. Use your fingertips when you wash but don't move them too much, just scrub at the root and don’t swish and move the locs too much. Lift your hands out of your hair and move to another section to not take things apart. Your hair will look fro’d out and things will be matted, and you use the matted areas as guides. 

Can I Use a Comb in my Baby locs?

Don't use a comb. You can use a rat-tail comb to section out the hair, but you don't want to comb through the hair. A lot of locticians will use a comb to make the hair look neat, but the hair will take longer to loc. Don't use a comb if you want to speed up the loc process.

Drying Baby Locs

If your hair is very spongy at the tips you need to go under the dryer with a double clipping. Don't take the tips down prematurely. Squeeze the locs under the dryer and see if they’re dry. If you take down your clips too early and don't dry it long enough your hair will frizz. 

Sit under the dryer for 30 - 40 minutes with all the clips going back. Then take the clips down and put your hair up in two pigtails so the back can dry for another 20 minutes. The back doesn't get dry if you leave the clips in. This is why the second step is essential. 

If you have any other questions concerning your baby locs, do reach out to us. We do recommend getting in touch with a loctician who can have a look at your hair and walk you through the process. And don’t forget to breathe!

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