Chimere Faulk, the creator/CEO of Dr Locs, is well known socially for her natural hair services under the name Natural Hair Lady. She had locs from 1997-2007. 

She studied Creative Advertising from Virginia Commonwealth University from Richmond, Virginia and obtain a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications. While in college, she was the girl in the dorms servicing people with locs and natural hair.

On the quest for success, Chimere moved down to Atlanta Georgia in 2004 with the urge to work in an ad agency. After a few years of working in the corporate life, she realized she did not want the standard 9 to 5 life. She'd always strived to "do better" as her parents instructed her as a young girl. She believed that life can be amazing if we stuck to doing our passion. She heard a woman over the radio repeatedly mention, "you do what you love, you'll never work a day of your life." This made her reflect on how she'd always enjoyed doing hair in the dorm back in college as well as in her uncle's barber shop when she was in high school.

In 2011, she officially created The Natural Hair Lady salon in her Roswell home.  She serviced clients from all over the state in her "comfy" home. Clients would travel from all over the world to her tiny apartment for loc grooming, cultivation and also education. Stylists from Washington state, DC, Chicago traveled to her place to take a 8 hour loc course. As Chimere gained recognition over social media, she was soon flown to different cities across the country to service loc'd clients. At times, there would be 4-5 clients booked in one city. And other times, one client would fly her out to service them alone. 

She started Dr Locs in 2015 in her home as well with just the money she'd had from client services. She had no intentions on selling products. However, after she realized the products were huge success, she set out to create a major company.

In 2016, she was interviewed by Ebony Magazine for her expertise on locs in the article, 'The History of Dreadlocks.' Later that fall, Ebony Magazine also listed Dr Locs on their Buy Black List for their holiday buyers to check out. 

Chimere has two daughters in which she named the original products after. She strives to inspire them to live out their dreams no matter what that may be. Chimere continues to inspire her community to do what it is that's beyond their wildest dreams. She also is a huge co-parenting advocate and coaches men and women to work out their differences to build better family units. 

You can currently book with her for loc services in Sandy Springs GA here.