Tribute to Dr Locs’ Top Selling Products

Tribute to Dr Locs’ Top Selling Products

Dr Locs’ product line came into existence because of a lack of quality products on the market designed with locs in mind. As a loctician, Chimere Faulk, founder of Dr Locs’ began to make her own products truly out of necessity for her clients. When she found her recipes were working their magic on locs, removing build up, adding moisture and strengthening locs, she began to work with a chemist to make top formulas for healthy locs. In this article we’re going to take a moment to celebrate Dr Locs’ top selling products.

Jinan moisture mix 

The Jinan Moisture Mix is without a doubt our number one selling product. It used to be called a leave-in conditioner, but the name was changed because people thought it would create build up. It of course will not cause build up, because the entire Dr Locs’ line is a completely buildup free line. It's a daily moisturizer which can be used daily and/or during loc grooming sessions. 

People love the lavender lemongrass smell with a hint of tea tree oil. It's mesmerizing. When you put it on your hand, you can tell it's a moisturizing product that will really infuse into your hair. The Jinan Moisture Mix leaves a really clean and moisturized scalp, daily. 

The Yaya Oil

The Yaya Oil and Jinan moisture mix are named after the children of the founder of Dr Locs. Yaya was a nickname for Inaya and Jinan is her youngest’s middle name. It was created because the oils on the market for locs weren’t really effective. They mostly used one good oil with a lot of filler oils. There wasn't anything out there that exactly met what locs needed. 

The Yaya oil is a combo of 6 of our favorite oils infused together. And funny enough, it's not an oily oil. So much so that a lot of people use it as a body oil because it makes your skin so soft without leaving behind an oily feel. The Yaya oil is made up of grapeseed oil, apricot oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, argan oil, and avocado oil. Those are the carrier oils mixed together for that feel-good feeling for skin and hair. 

The Color Treated Line and the Amla Extract Conditioner

The whole color line is really doing well because it's the only line created for color treated locs. This line was essential because colored locs were getting damaged without the products out there to repair and restore the hair. 

The Sweet Peppermint Clarifying Shampoo, is our clarifying shampoo that goes deeper than your shampoo. It should only be used every other wash. If your hair lacks moisture you might need to clarify so that moisture can make its way into the locs. The clarifying shampoo won't strip the color like many others do. We made sure this clarifying shampoo would protect that color when it was being created with our chemist. 

The Rose Lavender Shampoo is the color treated shampoo to use after the clarifying shampoo, which will enhance the color you have, making the color pop. It won't change the color, but rather, it will keep it strong. It should be used as your regular shampoo and then after your clarifying shampoo when you’re up for a clarifying session. 

The Amla Conditioner was created especially for those who needed moisture in their hair. It was created in a way that it would add that needed moisture without creating any build up whatsoever. It was also created in a way that it would completely wash out of your hair, even if you used way too much of it during a washing session. We made sure of it as it passed its fourth round of trial and error to get to that perfect moisturizing product for locs. 

Yasin Shampoo

People love the smell of this shampoo, they say they find it medicinal. A little of this shampoo really goes a long way. Your locs will soak up most of the Yasin Shampoo and it will get the locs really clean. It's one of our original products. People buy the whole locs’ set because they know the original line all works together.

You start with the Pre-Cleanse, then move to the Yasin Shampoo for 3-4 rounds of shampooing, then the Moisture Mix, Locking Spray if you're re-twisting and finally the Yaya oil all work together as a grooming set.

It was created because in the past, there was no dedicated line designed for locs - this was 10 years ago. We wanted the loc community to have their own things designed for keeping their locs healthy and secure. And that’s how the entire original Dr Locs’ line was created, and then the color treated line with a number of top sellers.

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