How to Grow Thicker Locs

How to Grow Thicker Locs

If you’ve been dreaming of thicker locs, but don’t know where to start, begin here! 

If your locs aren’t as thick as you were hoping for, you feel as if your locs are thinning, or you achieved the locs of your dreams, but now you’re ready for a change, a ‘bigger change’ maybe? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here are some things to consider. 

Understanding the stages and phases of locs

First, If you are in the baby stage or teenage stage of locs, the state or size your locs are, more than likely will not be the same size they will be once in the adult stage. A lot of times, frustration happens when someone is in these two early stages. Your locs normally are at it’s “poofiest” size during the teenage stage. Sort of like Cheeto puffs lol. 

Secondly, understand that locs grow into unpredictable sizes sometimes. This is a very abstract hair experience, and because we have so many blends of hair textures and techniques, it’s sometimes hard to pinpoint what size exactly someone’s locs will be later on. I highly suggest everyone try to enjoy the journey and what fruit (locs) comes about.

Third, if you’re wanting your locs thicker because you see them thinning, keep in mind that hair breakage is a different situation. This article is useful if your hair is healthy and you would simply like your hair to be thicker overall. 

Avoid over-twisting 

The theory goes, the less you twist the thicker the locs. Now, no one’s telling you to quit twisting all together, but if your locs aren’t as thick as you’d like them to be, the best place to start is to stop twisting as much as you’re used to. Imagine a piece of fabric, the tighter you twist it the thinner it will appear, the same goes for your locs. 

Understand your hair and the foundation

Your hair texture has a lot to do with thickness. Especially when it comes to comparing your hair to others. The foundation is the area in which your locs come from. Some use squares, others choose to start from random shapes. Regardless, it’s your foundation. 

If your hair is very fine, then your foundation needs to be larger to create thicker locs (it requires more of your hair to make a thicker loc). If your hair is coarse, then your foundation could be at an average size (which would require less hair because your hair is thick).

While in the beginning stages of locs, perhaps during the first year, it is possible to change the foundation. If you feel as though you’re headed in the direction of growing locs that are too small, then in this stage, you can redefine your parts to make them appear thicker. If you decide to do this in the mature adult stage, you may have to comb out locs to restructure. It is highly recommended to consult with a loctician before starting your journey about the details of your locs. Combing out locs isn’t an ideal situation.

Give your scalp some love and attention

If you’re interested in growing thicker and healthier locs, first make sure your locs are cleaned regularly, however frequently you find is best for your scalp and locs. Then treat your scalp daily to Dr Locs’ Jinan Leave-In Conditioner and Yaya Oil every few days with a healthy scalp massage to stimulate healthy new hair growth. All-natural oils work at keeping your roots strong and healthy, which organically leads to new hair growth. Also be sure to drink enough water, stay away from a ton of fry foods all while taking all the nutrition necessary for your body. Then cover up your scalp and hair at night to further protect your hair and keep in all that delicious moisture. 


There are several methods for growing out thicker locs. We always strongly recommend taking a closer look at your diet. Most commonly, it’s the food we eat or aren't eating, which can have a direct effect on hair growth or lack thereof. While you’re paying closer attention to your diet, also have a look into your habits. Over-twisting your locs will either cause breakage, while waiting between twists can help you achieve thicker locs overall. And lastly, take good care of your scalp, after all, it is the source for your new and healthy hair growth! 

Don’t stress, the loc community is here for you! 

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