5 Tips on How to Prevent Your Locs from Breaking

5 Tips on How to Prevent Your Locs from Breaking

It’s no pretty moment when you realize a loc or two breaks under your very own fingertips. It might be a moment of panic, but as soon as the panic has subsided, here’s what to do, and how to prevent loc breakage in the future.


  1. Dry Locs- the first thing to ask yourself is, are my locs dry? It’s especially important in winter to keep your locs satiated and well nourished. Winter is a particularly special time to look after your locs and keep them in their top knot condition. Try using a Leave in Conditioner when you notice your locs looking extra thirsty. Make sure to stick to the natural goodies, otherwise you will most likely end up with build up, which will spin you into a much more difficult position than where you began. Another option is to use natural oils and hot oil treatments made to moisturize your natural hair.

  2. Don’t Over-twist- Over Twisting can cause breakage, especially if you frequently change the direction of your twist. Allow your locs to grow on their own and give them some time to breath. Over-twisting puts a lot of stress on your roots and can often lead to breakage.

  3. Avoid Chemicals- If you just need that rich red running through your locs, no body’s going to stop you, but try to limit the amount of chemicals you soak into your locs and scalp. It’s not good for your hair shafts, and again make sure to have a natural moisturizer handy, or try a natural hair dye and see if you achieve the results you are after. The lighter the color, the higher the peroxide levels, the higher your risks are for dry locs, no fun.  

  4. Don’t Neglect your locs- When our schedules tend to get too packed with to-dos, many of us cut out time and care from our beauty routines. Of course, it’s okay and often necessary, but don’t underestimate the value of beauty and taking care of yourself. Looking after the health and beauty of your locs is crucial for your body, mind and soul. A good moisturizing pre-cleanse and shampoo can be your most fortunate investment this year. Don’t forget to treat yourself, it’s okay to put yourself first sometimes. An awesome place to start is by taking advantage of Dr. Locs entire product line on sale weeeeee! What a way to begin the New Year!

  5. Take a Closer Look at your Diet and Routine- Make sure to eat lots of protein in each of your meals. Drinking water is good for you, always. You may also be experiencing a vitamin deficiency. Often, when meat is not grass-fed, we lose many of the vitamins and minerals we thought we were getting from our meats, like B-12 for instance. Eating a lot of organic leafy greens, can greatly enhance your vitamin levels and improve both skin and hair. Improving your diet is always an upgrade to your life overall. A good diet can affect your mood, skin, hair, and of course, your health.

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