5 Essential Methods to Avoid Buildup in Your Locs

5 Essential Methods to Avoid Buildup in Your Locs

If you’re wondering what the secrets are behind perfect locs we going to tell you. Perfect locs in our book, are beautifully hydrated locs on the outside and buildup free on the inside. 

Unfortunately, there are many products out there that may be severely damaging your locs to the point of no return. What’s even more unfortunate, is how they work at making your locs look amazing on the outside, overshadowing all the trouble that’s literally building up on the inside of your locs. Save yourself the trouble and follow these five essential methods for buildup free locs. 

Method #1

Investigate the Ingredients in your Loc Cabinet

While many products have jumped on the ‘Natural’ marketing scheme, most are abusing the term and therefore, taking advantage of their clientele. One of the first signs that there is something wrong is when you flip the bottle around and see an extensively long list of ingredients. Usually ingredients like, Tallowate, Lanolin Oil and Wax, Silicone/Dimethicone, Mineral Oil are ingredients you want to shy away from. 

See our article HERE, for a more comprehensive list of harmful ingredients. 

Method #2

Establish a Working Washing Routine

Everyone needs to establish a working hair care routine, from locs to loose hair. Women especially need to work out a hair care routine, because unlike men, our hormones seriously affect our hair. The same way your skin changes around the time of your mentrual cycle so does the oil production in your scalp. Though this may have just been an ‘aha moment’ it probably isn’t the biggest surprise. Shampoo and hydrate your hair according to your body’s rhythms and cycles and avoid skipping out on days that may lead to dandruff and excess oil rolling or twisting into your locs. 

Method #3

Avoid Beeswax

Beeswax may just be the number one product we were referring to way up there in that sweet intro paragraph. Beeswax is a waterproof embalming agent, meaning, it blocks any moisture from entering your locs, including your shampoos, oxygen and all that good moisture your locs need to stay healthy. That being said, while your locs may flaunt a beautiful exterior with beeswax, you can’t even imagine the horrors its causing the heart and soul of your locs!  

Method #4

Work in a Clarifying Treatment every few months / Daily pre-cleanser

Whether you choose to use a clarifying shampoo or a careful mixture of Apple Cider Vinegar to remove any potential build-up from your locs, make sure not to over-do it. These methods should be handled with careful consideration and not be abused. When it comes to using ACV, you need to sort of behave like a chemist since you will be manipulating the pH level of your scalp and hair. There are several conditions that can cause build-up, which is why many choose to use a clarifying shampoo every month or every few months. It’s important not to over-do it because these methods often strip the hair of the good stuff along with the yucky stuff. When you do choose to clarify, make sure to have a buildup free conditioner or oil treatment ready to keep those locs moisturized and healthy. 

If this sounds a bit frightening, you can also opt for a pre-cleanser like Dr Locs, which is designed to remove dirt, lint, and any potential buildup from your scalp and locs. All it takes is a little spritzing around and then wiping the lint or dirt away with a cloth or finger.

Our motto this month: “Prevent the bad stuff and provide the good stuff.”

Method #5

Avoid exposure to Lint and Dust

As we mentioned, there are many factors that go into buildup, two major players being lint and dust. Overtime, if your locs are exposed to a lot of dust and lint in the air, which is just about everywhere, and you’re not OCD about picking every piece of lint out of your locs, which would pretty much amount to a full-time job, then it’s best to avoid such dusty circumstances. Like we said, clarifying shampoos and Dr  Loc’s Pre-Cleanse work at removing buildup that may be caused by those tiny particles floating in the air, but you can also cover up your locs at night, and during your downtime to prevent excess lint. 


To sum it all up, if you want to avoid build-up (and believe us, you do) then do your best to cover up, avoid products that will cause build-up and get into your hair-care ritual. How about tapping into that inner witch or wizard in you and making all that dirt and build-up disappear with some daily TLC? Spring here we come!

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