Covid-19 and Shipping Updates

Covid-19 and Shipping Updates

Updated 02.02.21

Although we have increased hours of production and packaging and we are on-time with our orders please note that USPS is experiencing longer than normal delays. 

Why is this happening with USPS?

The simple answer is that more people are ever before due to COVID health and safety concerns and it is overloading all shipping networks, including UPS and FedEx. 

What can I do as a customer of Dr Locs? 

Email Notifications: 

Emails are sent out to keep you notified every step of the way. Please be sure your email is spelled correctly before submitting your order.

Address Changes:

Please be sure your address is correct before submitting your order. This will cause an additional delay in receiving your package.  

International customers 

International shipping flights from USPS have experienced high cancelations and holds due to conditions regarding the global pandemic. As we are still processing and shipping orders internationally, we have no frame for delivery time.

We understand how difficult this time is and how now, more than ever, we want things delivered in a timely fashion. While we cannot know the speed of the USPS process, we will try to keep you informed as we gather information. Places not affected by this internationally are Canada and Mexico. 

Thanks for your patience and your support! 

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