Contrary to what popular myths and presumptions would have you believe, sporting dreadlocks does not mean you can only just leave them be. In this article, you will learn how to do three easy hairstyles that you can do with your locs to achieve fabulous-ness!!!

Curly or Wavy

You can easily achieve bouncy and lively locs with the use of good ol’ perm rods!

1. Moisturize your locs well prior to styling. You can use a conditioner such as Jinan Leave in Conditioner or Imani Locking Spray.  You could also simply add rose water to your locs for added moisture.

2. Roll your locs around the perm rods as if your curling regular hair sections.

3. You need plenty of time to leave them on your hair for the curls/waves to stick. Recommended time is overnight. You can also use an overhead hair dryer instead if you want the process to be quicker.

For a wavy effect, do your hair in braids. Simply braid them like you would regular hair. As usual, do not forget to apply lots of moisture beforehand.

Dreadlock Bun

When it’s hot outside--especially during the summer--your locs can be a bit hot. It helps to tie them up in a bun.

1. Tie your hair up first in a high ponytail with a strong elastic band (or a thick hairband). You don’t want it breaking off!

2. Twist your locs just like you would regular hair, but leave out two dreads at the bottom of the knot.

3. Tuck the ends under the bun and secure them in the elastic band.

4. Take the two locs left and wrap them around the base of your bun.

5. Tuck the ends of into the underside of the bun.

Sassy Side Bun

If you want your bun to be a little more stylish, try this messy side bun.

1. Start with your locs already curled (use the methods we suggested!).

2. Gather all your hair on the side. It depends on your which side you prefer to have your side bun.

3. Tuck all of it up in a loose bun by “folding” them outwards and upwards, the ends of your locs meeting the base of your head. You can leave a few pieces of your locs hanging loose for a messy look.

4. Take a strong elastic band or a hair band and wrap it around the base of your bun. Make sure that it’s wrapped not too tightly nor too loose.

5. If the way your bun is hanging is too low for your taste, your can pin the sides of the elastic band to the hair on your head for support. 

And there you have it! Three simple and easy loc styles that you could do if you want to change up your look. Happy styling!