Why We Love Dr locs’ Rose Lavender Shampoo

Why We Love Dr locs’ Rose Lavender Shampoo

Funny story. Owner of Dr Locs, Chimere Faulk, was formulating this product with a chemist. They had a bunch of products without labels going back and forth, trying to find the right balance of moisture and slip. Mother of Chimere loved using all Dr Locs products. She used one of the bottles that wasn't labeled and found the color of her hair was poppin’. She saw the magic work without even knowing what she was using!

Why The Color Treated Line for Locs was Created

It was so necessary to make color treated products for locs because there were no products out there made specifically for color treated locs. We love it, not because there’s finally a product line out there for color treated locs, but because it actually works! 

Chimere wanted to make sure the products weren't too thick on this line and wouldn't get stuck in the hair. It lathers enough so you don’t need too much. In the loc community, people end up having to use the whole bottle of whatever shampoo they’re using, so we made sure this Rose Lavender Shampoo was made with the intention that 'a little goes a long way.' With this product you don’t have to use the whole bottle in one shot. It actually lasts as it works on your hair and color. 

Safe Ingredients for Color Treated Hair

Chimere also wanted to make sure everything was plant derived, vegan and that there was nothing harmful in this line (or any of our products for that matter), especially for pregnant women. Chimere had a chemist help her formulate the product, but knew how she wanted it to feel. 

The products on this line (and all of Dr Locs’ products) were designed by a loctician who knows locs and what you want. Everything was tested on friends, employees, and family to finally make it to the final bottle of perfection. It came out officially in 2021. 

Added bonus to this shampoo: it smells delicious and it’s so calming!

If you're looking for a product line that will add moisture to your locs, or you’re simply looking to protect your color, give Dr Locs Color Treated Line a go. We also have this entire line in the trial kit version for you to test it out without committing to the whole line before falling in love with it first. 

Let us know what you think! We’re confident you’re going to love it and never look back!

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