Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your Scalp Fresh Between Wash Days

Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your Scalp Fresh Between Wash Days

If you’re new to locs, or simply looking for tips on how to extend the time between one wash day to the next, then this article is for you. In this article we’ll cover all the ways you can keep your scalp and locs looking, smelling and feeling fresh between those wash days, no matter how sweaty you get this summer! 

Dr Locs Pre-Cleanse

The Dr Locs Pre-Cleanse is a game changer. 

Depending on what your scalp looks like and what condition it's in, will depend on how often you use this product. People love to spray the Pre-Cleanse around the scalp and new growth. They can just rinse it out in the shower. This is what helps prevent a shampoo rinse. Not everyone wants to wet their hair everyday, but some people do and love it. 

The Pre-Cleanse was made with the need to rinse out before your shampoo. Some people have been using it and not rinsing it out and feeling fresh. There is ACV in it, but because it's not too much and balanced with other ingredients you might find it works for your scalp. 

How to Use the Pre-Cleanse without Washing it Out

The Pre-Cleanse can be used without being washed out. You can spray it on a washcloth and go around and clean your scalp as if you were doing a dry wash. Or, you can spray it directly on the scalp and then take a washcloth to wipe it down. A lot of people are doing that and loving it. 

The Pre- Cleanse can help clean up parts of the scalp that flakes up, or feels dry. 

The Jinan Moisture Mix

The Jinan Moisture Mix also works on the scalp. It's not heavy. The scalp looks so healthy after using Dr Locs’ products. Many products will build up or pink up the scalp. Dr Locs simplifies the ingredients not to overdo what the scalp needs, and will not strip the scalp. 

A Quick Retwist Around the Edges

You can go for a quick retwist around your edges. You can start prepping early for a hot date by retwsiting the front of your locs. Spray the Jinan Moisture Mix and Imani Locing Spray on dry hair on the front two rows with clips. Don't wound the hair up because that will stress your hair. You can take the loc out strand by strand, twist and keep your finger rooted away from the scalp and have the locs laying flat. Clip the twist and then you can put on your make up and do what you need to do and take your scarf down before you're ready to go out. 

If you’re prepping your hair the night before, you can follow the same pattern as above. You can retwist the front two rows and put your hair in two pigtails. You stretch the hair out laying flat and in the morning you have a fresh retwist.

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