Benefits of Dr Locs Travel Kit

Benefits of Dr Locs Travel Kit

Whether you’re new to Dr Locs products or your planning a trip somewhere, the Dr Locs' travel kit (aka trial kit), was created with you in mind. Not only does it help you test out all natural buildup-free products for your locs, it also helps you travel with your favorite hair products. Let’s get into how some people are using this kit and why they're loving it. 

Dr Locs Travel and Trial Kit

People love to use this kit as a travel kit or trial kit. They are the same. One benefit of the travel kit is that it works with your airport requirements. Every item in the kit is 1 ounce. This means it can go in your carry-on or suitcase. 

How Long Does the Kit Last?

It's always been a big seller for new customers who aren't sure they want to commit to our product line. It gives you the small version of the entire line. If your locs are shoulder length or shorter, you’ll be able to use the whole kit without running out of product. 

Gift Idea for Friends and Family with Locs

This kit also a great gift for someone you know with locs or in need of natural hair care products. People have gifted the travel kit for someone who has locs, or they buy it because they're about to travel. It's the whole original line from the Pre-Cleanse to the Yaya Oil. 

We also have a travel kit for our new color line. The color line travel kit includes Sweet Peppermint Clarifying Shampoo, Rose Lavender Shampoo and Amla Extract Conditioner if your hair is in need of moisture and you wanted to try that. 

Keeping Peace in the Home

Often, couples will go from the travel kit to the original size, and then their partner starts dipping into their stuff. Then they find they have to up-size to keep the peace in the home and keep their favorite products from running out.

People always fall in love with this kit. Try the Travel Kit out for yourself today! 

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