What's the Best Age for My Child to Start Their Locs?

What's the Best Age for My Child to Start Their Locs?

Starting locs can be a journey for anyone at any stage in life. Some kids may be interested or ready for locs sooner than others. That all depends on their preferences, habits and lifestyle. In this article we’ll have a closer look at kick starting locs for your child. 

Knowing Your Child

That's a personal preference for the child and you. You know your child. They may want something right now because they saw it somewhere, but they may change their mind a day or week later. So you really need to know your child to make this decision. 

When We Don't Recommend Locs for Kids

There's no right or wrong answer to this question, it's a household preference. We don't like it when parents want to loc up their children's hair so they don't have to maintain their child's hair. Down the line, the child might not want the locs and they'll have to cut their hair off because the parent didn't want to style their hair. 

How to Know Your Child is Serious About Locs

There's a lot of young people, 5-year-olds, determined to have locs and love it for years, but we definitely recommend having a conversation with your child. Give it some time. See if they bring it up and have them think about it. Have them hold off for 6 months and see if they keep asking for it. This way you can know if it's what they really want. While they're waiting they can create a pinterest board with the locs they love. Create a vision board for your child. This way, when you sit down in a consultation you and the loctician can decide what's the best route. 

Our Rule of Thumb When it Comes to Age and Locs

There is no exact age for locs. Our thoughts are, as long as your child is alert and can vouch for themselves and their wants, then it’s a good time as any. You can use the entire Dr Locs' Product line on your child's hair. It's made with safe and healthy ingredients for their hair and yours. 

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