Everything You Need to Know About Interlocking Your Locs

Everything You Need to Know About Interlocking Your Locs

There are several techniques you can use to start and maintain your locs from the crochet method to interlocking. The technique you choose will depend on your hair type, lifestyle, patience level and expectations. These are all things you should discuss with your lotician before installing your locs. If you’re considering interlocking, here are some things you should know before getting started. 

Interlocking and Your Roots

You want to be careful when going with the interlocking method. Interlocking is a great technique to achieve your locs and maintain your roots. What’s really essential when it comes to this method is, you want to make sure you're not interlocking in and out at the same hole by the root. 

People are practicing this technique incorrectly and therefore interlocking gets a bad rep. This is one reason why Dr Locs will be offering an online course on how to Interlock properly. It hasn't been done for years. If you want your locs done properly with this technique then it's not recommended to do it yourself. Its an abstract technique which requires some experience. 

Maintaining Interlocking

How you maintain your locs will depend on the base of the root and how the loc grew. Sometimes the loc grows and shifts to another direction. The goal is to keep the loc in the middle of the base of the section the loc is coming out of. You never want to pull the end of the loc through the middle of the root. You want to pull it around the root. It’s really important that you do your best not to go in and out of the same hole. 

When to Stop Interlocking Your Locs

Interlocking can have a bad rep because it’s not practiced correctly. If it’s not done correctly it can cause thinning down the line near the roots. If someone's hair is thinning and getting weak, then it's recommended to stop interlocking. 

If you do notice your hair thinning or breaking, do use the Moisture Mix and Yaya Oil combo to bring moisture and strength back into your locs

If you have any thoughts or concerns about interlocking, look out for Dr Locs’ course coming up soon!

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