Tips for Adding Moisture to Your Locs

Tips for Adding Moisture to Your Locs

There are several techniques for adding that needed moisture to your locs from winter to summer months. Some techniques involve using the correct products, while others involve hair care that you may have overlooked during your grooming sessions. In this article we’ll have a look at the most effective ways to add moisture to dry locs. 

Using the Correct Products

The products you’re using plays a big role in your moisture level. Make sure the products you're using involve water as a main ingredient. Dr locs’ Jinan Moisture Mix and Amla Extract Conditioner are moisture rich products. There's also the Rose Lavender Shampoo which will add moisture to your hair while it protects your color. While the Amla Extract Condiitoner and Rose Lavender Shampoo were made with color-treated hair in mind, anyone whose looking for a real moisture boost can benefit from using these products.

The ingredients in Dr Locs’ color treated line infuses moisture and protects the color. Non-color shampoos can take away color but the rose lavender will encourage the color to pop. These top products increase and promote moisture in your hair. 

Steaming Locs

Steaming your locs is huge. Steam treatments should be added to your loc grooming process after washing. Condition your locs with the Amla Conditioner, evenly spread it throughout your hair, locs and roots, and then use a plastic cap so the conditioner doesn't drip. It's not essential, but useful. Sit under your steamer, which opens up follicles and helps your locs absorb all the yummy stuff in the Amla Conditioner. 20 minutes later rinse with cool water to seal it all in. Then follow up with Jinan Moisture Mix

Clarify Those Locs

Dr Locs’ Sweet Peppermint Shampoo is a clarifying shampoo. A lot of times people are lacking moisture because they are overdue for a clarifying treatment. This clarifying shampoo goes deeper than a regular shampoo. It works at pulling everything up and then cleans the slate to get more moisture in your hair from your other products. 

Washing your hair and adding moisture all the time makes it stack and buildup with oil, dirt, and products. The Sweet Peppermint Shampoo goes deep without stripping the hair. Again, you don't have to have color to use it. After the clarifying shampoo you'll feel all the moisture being added to your locs from the products your using; it’s a noticeable difference. You’ll really feel the difference and reap the benefits of the moisturizing products you use. This is like 75% of the time why people lack moisture. We recommend you wash your hair with the clarifying shampoo once in a month if you wash twice a month.

Your Diet Impacts Your Hair 

Dr Locs is a big advocate of looking at things holistically. We start from the inside out. Dr Locs has been in the hair industry for 20 years now, and she can spot right away when a client’s diet is impacting their hair for the positive or for the negative. It’s true what they say, ‘you are what you eat.’

Try to eliminate fried foods if you can. It’s important to be mindful of how much fried food you're eating during the week. Changing the way you eat for the better will go way beyond your hair. Eat your live foods - fruits and vegetables, adding nutritious ingredients to your diet does affect your moisture level.  Drinking enough water is also essential when it comes to moisture level. Drink half your body weight in ounces - and we’re talking water here and not juices, coffee or sodas.  

Go Talk to A Professional

In extreme cases we recommend teaming up with a holistic doctor that can run blood and see what's going on. Maybe you need a detox, or there's something blocking that blood flow. A professional holistic doctor with a reputable reputation can help you unlock what’s going on and make a plan on how to move forward. 

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