What is the Difference Between Locs and Dreadlocks?

What is the Difference Between Locs and Dreadlocks?

A lot of people are wondering what the difference is between locs and dreadlocks. And if there even is a difference between the two. In this article we’ll briefly discuss what the differences may be. 

The Difference Between Locs and Dreadlocks 

According to the founder and owner of Dr Locs, there is no difference between locs and dreadlocks. The difference is in the people. You can ask someone why they call their locs, locs or why they call their dreadlocks, dreadlocks. Each person has their own perspective, journey and cultural background. There's no law, right or wrong. You call your hair what you want. Some people have been correcting others - but it's whatever you want to call it - says Chimere Faulk owner and founder of Dr Locs. 

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