How to Protect Your Locs By The Beach

How to Protect Your Locs By The Beach

Ready to hit the beach in the summer but worried about your locs? Sands, sun and ocean water might be among some of the concerns you have when getting ready to go to the beach this summer. In this article we’ll give you the tips you need to confidently lounge and swim by the ocean this season. 

Protecting Your Locs On the Beach

Know this, you're going to get some sand in your hair. Sand is everywhere. But to reduce sand exposure, updos or high top knots and ponytails are a great option for protective styles at the beach. Cute scarves around the top knot is a style we highly recommend. If your hair is long we definitely recommend going for a top knot and a scarf to secure and protect your hair around the edges.

Many people love the updo, putting the hair up and tucked away so it doesn't get wet. Keeping the hair dry means they don’t have to bother trying to dry their locs at the end of the day. You can also use a bonnet to protect your hair, if you feel it’s necessary.  We love hair to get some sun, but if that's not for you that's okay. 

Removing Sand from Locs

The Pre-Cleanse is great for the summer (and all year around). It’s something people love having in their beach and poolside bags. We have the travel kit size if you don’t want to take the whole bottle with you. You can easily spray the Pre-Cleanse on your scalp and locs and rinse the sand or chlorine out of your hair. Use the Pre-Cleanse as much as you like. Drench your hair after the beach to get the sand out of your hair, then go for the Pre-Cleanse to pull up any bits that may want to stay in your hair. And you’re good to go.

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