How to Undo Your Locs

How to Undo Your Locs

Many people wonder if they have locs, are they permanent? The answer is no. If you decide to go on your loc journey, locs don’t have to be forever. You can undo your locs, if this is something you decide you want and you’re ready for. In this article we’ll have a look at how you can undo your locs. 

Before Getting Started

One recommendation is to not interlock your locs if you're thinking about undoing your locs. Interlocking makes your locs tighter, which will make it harder to undo. You want to keep your locs as fluffy and mushy as possible. It's easier to comb them out if they're not interlocked. Also, take the time to make this decision. We don't recommend cutting your locs and putting them back later on. So take your time and don’t do this on an impulse. 

What You’ll Need to Undo Locs

Understand that you're not going to save everything. There will be some accumulation of matted hair. Get a creamy product like the Amla Conditioner for this, its creamy texture is great for detangling the locs with a comb. Note, the Amla Conditioner will not detangle your locs on its own, but paired with a rat tail comb with a silver tool at the end it will make the process a whole lot easier. 

How to Undo Locs

Step One:

First dampen your hair to give your hair more elasticity. 

Step Two:

Then saturate your hair with the Amla Extract Conditioner. This gives the locs more slippage. 

Step Three:

Take the rat tail comb and use the end to run through the locs. With the conditioner it will run right through it. 

Step Four:

Switch between the tail and the comb to comb out your hair. 

Don't Be Alarmed

Don't be alarmed when clumps of hair come out. That's matted hair that made your locs and gave them their form. Combing will show you how fine your hair is compared to how your locs looked. 

Go up to your scalp and you'll feel the purge, you'll feel the energy shift. You'll feel very light. Drink water to help aid in this purge. You will be dehydrated during this experience. Be sure to take some breaks. 

How long Does it Take to Undo Locs

However long your locs were, how thick they were, how many breaks you take, will determine how long this takes. How many locs you have and how mature they are all factors in how long it will take. 

When you're done, wash your hair a few times. It will take a while to completely wash out that matted hair. Your scalp may be tender because you haven't combed or brushed your hair for a long time.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully taken down your locs and are ready for a new journey.

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