What is a Good Length to Start Your Locs?

What is a Good Length to Start Your Locs?

Toying with the idea of transitioning over to locs, but wondering where to start? 

Start here. 

Many women resist committing to locs because they’ve heard that they’d have to cut off all their length and hair to start their locs. But is that the case for everyone? 

Spoiler: the big answer is no, not everyone has to cut off all their hair to start their locs. 

The Beginning of your Loc Journey

You can start your locs from any length of hair. Whether you have long hair, or you have short hair, both situations will result in coils and will have to go through all the stages of locs. The personal experience however, is, well, personal. How your hair transitions into locs will depend on your hair type, your loctician and your approach to locs. 

Will I lose or gain length with locs?

It’s difficult to say what will happen with the length of your hair. Actually, it's nearly impossible, especially since you’re not sitting right in front of us. But even if you were, it would still be hard to know for sure.

You will learn as you go. 

Some people even gain length later on, but it's really hard to know what will happen because it depends on your hair texture, the process you go for when starting your locs, and a few other factors. 

My locs gained length in the past, will they gain length this time too?

Don’t forget, your hair changes overtime. Some people who have had locs in the past and then years later go for locs again, will very likely have a very different experience. Because the texture of your hair changes as you grow, and your hair follicles and roots can be in a different state than they were when you first had locs, the experience will most likely be a new one. 

This time around can range from no shrinkage to shrinking 4 inches and up. This is just from our locticians perspective and what she’s seen with her clients over the last 15 years. Other locticians may have seen something else. Discovering what happens down the line is all a part of the journey. Enjoy it, and love whatever your hair has to teach you!

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