A Swimmer's Guide To Locs

A Swimmer's Guide To Locs

If you’re new to locs, or new to the pool, you may be wondering how your locs and the pool get along. With many things in life there are some do’s and don’ts to help guide you through your next Spring Break or Summer vacation. Allong with the Dr Locs Travel sized kit of course here are a few of the essentials for swimming with locs. 

  1. Swim Cap. Often the most obvious solutions are overlooked. The great news is they make swim caps for long locs too. So if you’re worried about your locs absorbing all that chlorine, losing all that necessary moisture and replacing it with a big mildewy risk factor, but you still want to get your swim on, then please please please rock the swim cap with confidence. Confidence is another one of those highly overlooked obvious solutions to many of life’s problems. Fake it if you have to, once you learn how to wear it (both the swim cap and the confidence) all will follow with natural ease. And as you must have guest it, at Dr Locs we love all (well most) dances of nature.

  2. Natural Clarifying Shampoo or Pre Cleanse. Try to visualize your locs after 5 days of deep chlorine exposure, right. You didn’t get this far for nothing! You really want to wash your hair well, and get rid of all that chlorine so none of it, and we mean none of it, is left lingering in your loose or loc’d hair. A Pre-Cleanser option is great if you’re afraid of over washing your hair, especially if you’ve been rockin new locs. With a natural Pre-Cleanser you don’t have to worry about stripping away all that good oil your hair needs to stay moisturized and neatly loc’d. They make natural shampoos out there to safely strip the chlorine, salt, etc from your locs, but they can get disturbingly pricey, which may not be the direction you’re shooting for.

  3. Essential Oils. Speaking of oils, it’s also a very good idea to pack one or two of your favorite lightweight oils. Maybe by now you’ve already made your own chamomile mixture, or maybe you’re loving Dr Locs Yaya Oil (we don’t put all that love in there for nothing), either way it should already be packed in your bag and ready to go, because dry brittle locs is no way to feel when you’re taking it easy under the sun (or just swimming in your local swimming pool).

  4. Rinse before You Dip. A simple little trick to prevent your locs from over indulging in chlorine is to wet your hair with pure water before you take the plunge. This trick will by no means save your life, or your locs, but can help reduce the damage chlorine may have on your locs.  

We’re going to leave behind the list of don’ts and leave that part up to you. The best advice we can give you is not to overlook the TLC your locs love and need in order to look and feel as good as you should on your next trip to the pool. Don’t be afraid to make a big splash.

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