Five Ways to Keep Your Locs Safe During the Summer

Five Ways to Keep Your Locs Safe During the Summer

With every season comes its changes, there’s no surprises there. Maybe you’re wondering what precautions you should take during the transitions to summer with your locs? No worries, we got you!

Establishing a healthy routine for your locs has always been one of our number one suggestions for those interested in maintaining beautiful locs. But, the changing seasons may be accompanied by changing habits and routines. Let’s have a closer look on how to keep your locs safe and sheen all summer long. 

1. It’s important to pay attention to the changing air quality- depending on where you live, you may notice a great leap in air quality. If you live in a fairly humid and wet summer location, then we suggest ensuring your locs dry real well after a deep cleansing wash to remove that excess moisture. With all that moisture in the air, you can probably minimize how frequently you condition or oil your locs compared to your winter routine. Let’s not forget water acts as one of nature’s very best moisturizers, but when there is too much moisture we may have a case of mildew on our hands!

2. Protect Your Locs from the Sun- If you live in a dry climate zone with very intense sun, then it’s really best to cover up. Have you ever felt a towel after it’s hung to dry in the burning hot sun? It almost feels like it will crumble in your hands! What we’re trying to say here is, the sun is strong, maybe too strong, and can dry out your locs and scalp. Though you may not want to cover up everyday, it is a good idea to cover up your locs when you’re spending extended hours under that sun. 

3. Are you increasing activity and sweating more? Many of us use the summer heat as inspiration to get in shape, start running, exercising and just spending more time outdoors living a more active lifestyle. If you find that you're sweating more, which well, most of us are! then it’s important to give your locs a rinse, or utilize a pre-cleanser more frequently to get rid of that excess sweat and stick. 

4. Protective styles- One of the most efficient ways to protect your scalp from the sun, and keep your long locs off your neck and back while you’re getting that heat on, is wearing your hair up in cute protective styles. Summer is an awesome opportunity to try out new styles while trying to keep your cool. 

5. Drink Up- tsk, tsk, we’re talking about water here. During the summer heat, when your body is naturally trying to retain its state of homeostasis you end up losing a whole lot of water. Drinking water will not only improve your locs, but your skin and overall health. We want to say summer time is the most important time to drink a lot of water, but in truth water is a lifesaver, and should be consumed in high quantities all year around. And, where the tap water is safe to drink it’s free! We love clean water!


Your hair will adapt to the outdoor conditions, which means so will your routine when Summer rolls in. It’s important to keep the moisture levels in your locs well balanced all year around, but this season may call for additional rinsing and conditioning depending on your climate. And of course, when in doubt, ask a trustworthy loctician for some personal tips based on the water and weather conditions in your region! 

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