Using the Imani Locking Spray to Retwist

Using the Imani Locking Spray to Retwist

For a natural alcohol-free hold to your locs, use the Imani Locking Spray to secure your healthy new growth in place. 

Dr  Locs’ Imani Locking Spray gives your freshly twisted locs; the hold you want without dryness or buildup. The Imani locking spray is a chamomile tea based spray created and mixed for both rehydrating and grooming locs at all stages. 

How and When to Use the Imani Locking Spray 

Whether you have set days in the month for twisting and locking, or you simply loc when you notice it’s time, the Imani locking spray is designed for you to achieve a fine grooming experience and outcome. For best results use on your routine wash days. First spray your roots with our Pre-Cleanse,  let it sit for a minute or two and rinse. Then wash the locs with our natural Yasin Shampoo, removing any dirt and build-up from the locs. After your deep cleanse, and you're ready to spray, shake the bottle well and spray on new growth. Then groom locs as usual. If you’re concerned about dry locs, or love keeping your locs hydrated before they even have the chance to think about drying out, pair the Imani locking spray with Dr  Locs’ Jinan Leave-In Conditioner. Allow locs to dry under a dryer. Locs will hold in place without build-up.

What’s Inside of the Imani Locking Spray?

The Imani locking spray is made with all natural ingredients that work at keeping your locs twisted without disruption. Furthermore, this spray is absolutely buildup free so your locs can live a long and healthy life! 

Inside this miracle bottle is:

  • Distilled water- to hydrate those locs throughout the grooming experience from stage one all the way to the mature phase. 
  • Sugarcane- promotes hair growth and improves the texture of the hair and the condition of the scalp
  • Witch Hazel- a natural astringent which fights dandruff, prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth 
  • Vitamin E- moisturizes and hydrates the hair for optimal health
  • Germaben ii - fights bacteria and preserves the mixture, extending its shelf life so that it lasts longer in your home.
  • Lavender Oil- well besides for smelling delicious and naturally calming, it also strengthens and repairs hair, and promotes more hair density. 


The Imani locking spray is essential for those just getting started with locs. It can and should be used every step along the way of your loc journey. It will not only work at keeping the new growth twisted into its appropriate loc, but it also cleans and nourishes the hair as you twist. Can be used on sisterlocks, traditional locs and even free form locs! It's famous for its hold, its fresh scent and of course, it's buildup free! Let us know your thoughts on our Imani Spray, or shoot us a line if you have a question about twisting or palm rolling your new growth.

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