Thinning Loc Remedies

Thinning Loc Remedies

Thinning locs happen to the best of us. Know that you’re not alone and that where there is a problem, there are always natural solutions!

If you have noticed thinning locs - do not panic. There are ways to repair your thinning locs, whether they are thinning by the root or by the ends. Depending on where the thinning is taking place will coincide with how you repair the damage. But before we get started with solutions, the most common cause for thinning locs is when the locs are over twisted and over stylized. If overtwisting has become your nervous habit or obsession, we think now is a good time to ease off. If overstyling is your thing, we love it, but how about a little less styling from now on?

Considering a Trim?

If the locs are thinning close to the end of the locs you may want to go for a simple trim. This solution is less time consuming and an opportunity to go for a new hairstyle. There are plenty of awesome hairstyles for locs out there, for both short styles or on the edgier side of things. You can check out some of our favorite hairstyles for locs here. For best results, find out what caused the thinning in order to avoid the same thing happening again. Thinning locs by the ends could be because the products used, at the time that hair was new growth, was too heavy. Prevention is key. 

Avoid Coloring Your Locs 

Your hair may be breaking due to excess coloring. Lighter colors and the use of bleach can especially weaken the hair strands causing the locs to thin. Opt for natural dyes, or high quality bleach if need be. But, if you are already experiencing thinning locs, we recommend taking a break from color for some time. 

Knot the Lock

As cool as this option sounds, almost poetic, it also works on the locs directly. If your locs are thinning towards the middle, or end of the loc and you absolutely do not want to trim those beautiful locs, we suggest tying a tight knot over the thinning end. Then palm roll the knot carefully and gently until the loc appears homogeneous enough to your taste. 

Treat Yourself to Some One-on-One with a Professional

Have a professional repair the thinning area with human kinky hair. The key is to not add too much hair and only works when thinning is by the mid-section of the loc - and will not work for the scalp or root. It is a common issue for new moms who have just delivered to go thin by the roots. The only option here is to really just wait a few months until the thinning can be fixed by the middle. 


It’s essential for locs to stay hydrated throughout the week, before and after washing. When the locs are well hydrated and nourished, thinning will occur less frequently. Locs are a part of an important and unique lifestyle. Because, as cliche as it may sound, they are not just a hairstyle, but a lifestyle too. The more you can learn to work with your locs, get into a healthy routine to ensure your locs stay moisturized and taken care of, the better your looks will look and the better you will feel. Thinning roots may be caused by medication, stress or heavy pulling. If the thinning looks excessive, we recommend seeing a professional, so you can get a clear idea about what’s going on and how to fix the locs safely. 

What are some tricks you’ve mastered when experiencing thinning locs? 

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