Inside : Dry Scalp and Locs

Inside : Dry Scalp and Locs

We’ve all been there before, a dry scalp which is both uncomfortable and irritating. Furthermore, dry locs can often be disheartening and challenging. But what causes dry scalp and dry hair?

In order to determine how to cure dry scalp and dry locs, we first need to explore what causes each condition. Once we investigate, only then can we come to solid conclusions and reliable solutions. Let’s have a look at all of our possibilities. 

Causes and Cures for a Dry Scalp

Not only is a dry scalp uncomfortable and irritating, once you scratch the impossible-to-relieve itch, you wind up with flakes all over your roots, locs and shoulders. 

The main culprits causing dry scalp are:

  • Weather Conditions - Cold and dry weather in the winter months often cause dry scalp. Not to mention all those heaters blasting in offices and homes drying out our skin and scalp throughout the day and night. A change in season can also cause dry scalp. 
  • Water Conditions- For those of you living in areas with harsh water, you may have noticed or experienced recurring dry scalp and dry hair. Speaking of water, a dry scalp can also be a symptom of dehydration! 
  • Natural Oil or Nutrient Deficiency- If you're over-washing your locs then you may be stripping the scalp of the natural oils it needs to stay healthy and smooth. Or, it could be that you’re using a shampoo that’s too harsh and strong and strips too much of the good natural oils from your hair and scalp leaving you dry and irritated throughout the week. 
  • Contact Dermatitis- This is usually caused by an allergy to certain ingredients in your shampoo. If this is the case, you’ll need to switch over to a natural shampoo that doesn't have harsh irritating chemicals. If dermatitis is a concern of yours, it can also be triggered by other products like cosmetics, cleaning products, medications, food/drinks, and other products around the house and office we may not have noticed before. 
  • Medication- Often medication can cause dry scalp. You may want to take a closer look at what has been prescribed to you, maybe dry scalp is listed as one of the common side-effects.

Some of the most efficient ways to cure a dry scalp is by drinking more water and eating a well balanced diet. A well balanced diet with heaps of vegetables and fruits will provide your scalp with the vitamins and minerals it needs to stay healthy. But that’s just phase one. If you’re living in an area with harsh water we recommend ordering yourself a filter that can be screwed on directly to your showerhead.

If the cause for dry scalp are weather conditions, or deficiencies, we recommend treating your scalp to an oil treatment and using more gentle shampoos. Massaging jojoba oil, coconut oil, or our Yaya Oil into your scalp will help relieve irritation and provide your scalp with all the nutrients it needs to stay hydrated and healthy. And finally revamping your products with all natural build up free shampoos and conditioners will strip the build up and dirt from your scalp without removing all those yummy oils your body produces for a healthy scalp and hair. 

Causes and Cures for Dry Locs

Many of the causes and cures for dry locs are similar, if not identical to a dry scalp. If you’re experiencing dry hair, take a closer look at your diet. It’s important to make sure you’re eating sufficient protein, B12, iron and an abundance of vitamins and minerals throughout the day. 

Dry locs can often occur when we don't hydrate our locs with a sufficient amount of moisture. Locs are certainly not a no-maintenance hairstyle and we all know that by now. If your locs are dry, look into the conditioner you’re using and see if it has the right balance of ingredients to keep your locs moisturized. Then consider adding an all natural pre-conditioner to your routine if you haven’t already. Pre-conditioners work wonders on the hair, especially for those in between washing days. You can use it throughout the day and revitalize those locs that are looking lackluster and dull. And finally, hot oil treatments all the way! We love any excuse to pay a little extra love and attention to our locs. Treat yourself to a hot oil treatment in the salon or in the comfort of your own home. Your scalp and hair are probably just drooling over the words: hot oil treatment. 

Sounds like we are on our way to healthier and more beautiful locs this year, don’t it?!

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