Trimming Your Locs: What You Should Know

Trimming Your Locs: What You Should Know

First off, trimming your locs is not necessary for maintaining healthy locs. Was that a spoiler?

If you’re considering trimming your locs because you feel like they’ll grow faster and longer, it’s not really the case. Though that may have been true for your loose hair, trimming locs isn’t necessary. So no, you don’t need to trim your locs to maintain healthy locs. All you need to do is wash your locs with buildup free products and commit to your washing and maintenance routine with the entire buildup free Dr Locs’ line.  

If You Decide to Trim Your Locs, Here’s What You Should Know 

If you trim your locs, know that the locs may unravel. So don’t keep trimming the ends, because the more you trim, the more they will unravel. It’s especially important not to cut the locs during the early phases. Cutting the locs before they are mature can set you back a couple of months, which we’re guessing was not your intention.

It’s also important to note that your locs won’t grow at lightning speed, because you are constantly twisting in that new growth according to your retwist schedule. If you trim your locs, it may take a long time to reach the length you are considering cutting off. 

Cutting locs vs Trimming locs

Cutting your locs isn’t the same as trimming your locs. 

If you want a choppy look, which many men and women do, then you can cut your locs. But just trimming is not necessary at all, because again, this is not loose hair. Locs don’t need to be trimmed. And again, if you decide you just need to do it, please don’t do it until the adult phase. Chimere, (beauty and brains and loctician behind Dr Locs) doesn’t see it necessary to trim locs for the health of your locs. Because it won’t make your locs healthier. 

Some people cut the ringlets at the end of their locs because they don’t like the way they look, but they’ll come right back. Why? Because that’s your natural hair. Love it, it’s the expression and personality of your natural hair! 

The Exceptional Cases for Trimming Locs 

But, if you're trimming your locs because you want to get the chemicals out from previous months or years, or your hair is weighing down on your scalp and you don’t like it, go see a professional and get their personal feedback. They may have an alternative solution and insight that you may have overlooked. 

Final Thoughts on Trimming Locs

You guessed it. Trimming your locs will undo your locs. You don’t have to trim your locs unless it's for achieving a style you want. And even then, you should carefully consider that decision. Because yes, what you cut off will take some time to regrow. 

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