Starting Freeform Locs

Starting Freeform Locs

Guess what? Freeform locs are totally free!

There are so many different levels to freeform locs, which means there aren't exactly definitive rules for starting and maintaining freeform locs. In Dr Locs’ opinion, freeform locs are evolving locs. You can choose not to touch your roots at all, or softly manipulate them as you feel. Sounds like a contradiction? It’s not. There is no system for freeforming your locs. The number one rule is to just let your locs grow. Well, one of the top rules. Then there’s also the grooming, shampooing and conditioning which, without a doubt, is incredibly important. But that goes for all types of locs; establishing a healthy washing and drying routine.  

What you should know about freeform locs

They will do their own thing and will not look like someone else’s freeform locs. So do yourself a favor, that will save you a ton of energy and self-loving, don’t compare your locs to anyone else's. Your locs are unique to you. Love it.  

And like we said, there are no rigid rules to freeform locs. That’s why they are so free! You can start out freeforming and then start creating a system of separating the locs at the roots. Just let yourself go free. If you're ready for it. This is truly a spiritual experience, to not be concerned with your roots and trying to control everything that happens with your natural hair as it grows. 

We do recommend going to a professional to wash your hair, especially in the beginning and to get under a dryer. Drying your locs, even freeform locs is an essential step when nurturing healthy beautiful locs. When we don’t dry our locs thoroughly, the locs can start to foster mildew and give off a mildew smell. No thank you. Many clients have said that they dry their locs under a strong sun and it works for them. Just make sure to get into the habit of drying your locs, because even when they seem dry from the outside, it’s the inside that really matters. 

What products should I use on my freeform locs and what are my options for starting freeform locs?

You would still use Dr Locs’ whole line, but you can opt out of using the locing spray.

When it comes to starting your freeform locs, you can start your locs the traditional way and then at some point let it go and let it grow once the locs are a bit mature. Others comb coil their hair and let the hair do its thing. Again, a loctician is great at this point because they can have a look at your hair texture and tell you what’s possible to achieve with your hair type. Based on their experiences, they should have a good idea of what you can expect. 

Final thoughts on freeform locs

Some people go for freeform locs for the spiritual experience. They feel, “I’m in my body and zone, and this is all me.” And then there is the aesthetics of freeform locs. People who just love the look and know that’s the right style for them. 

If you decide to combine locs, you should separate what you want and let the others group together. Semi-freeforming and semi-semi freeforming are for those who love their new growth and let it grow for sometime until they feel like twisting their locs again. Semi freeforming and semi-semi freeforming is for someone who just occasionally twists. The idea is to keep the locs growing separately when it comes to semi-freeforming - sort of like ungroomed new growth.

And finally, if you love your freeform locs, send us photos! We’d love to see your beautiful locs!

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