Growing Long Locs: Challenges and Hair Care Tips

Growing Long Locs: Challenges and Hair Care Tips

Growing locs may seem like a challenge because the length that grows in is being twisted into the locs. 

You may not see that length like you normally would with loose hair, but know this: the growth is there. 

Growing locs requires a lot of patience. We really want to encourage you to enjoy the ride as you go. Focus on the aspects of locs that you love rather than the parts that may feel frustrating. This type of mentality will spill over into many other important areas in your life. That’s just one of the beauties behind locs, the personal lessons and wisdom each individual gains through their experiences with their locs. 

Hair Care Tips

  • We recommend going through the entire Dr Locs buildup free line. Develop a system that works for you, your locs and your scalp. 
  • Here comes a big one. Your diet will affect hair growth. Your best option for growing longer, healthier locs is to include foods that naturally contain essential vitamins and minerals in their very essence. Instead of resorting to supplements, why not first try and include food that contains biotin, zinc, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin C, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and your vitamin B’s? As a rule of thumb, adding more raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, lean meats and fish (not fried) is where all that good stuff lies. Don’t take biotin without a health care professional who can check your blood. You don’t want to grow hair where it doesn’t belong, which can happen with biotin.
  • Next, you should always keep your locs well moisturized and covered when possible to prevent breakage. When the locs are brittle and dry, especially at the roots, they will be prone to breakage, and it will take much longer to see that length you might be after. 
  • Also, please don’t over twist your locs as a habit, otherwise you will break your hair at the roots and lose that length and new growth. Retwisting is one of your techniques behind your maintenance routine and shouldn’t be a habit that you gravitate towards without even realizing it. We know you love your locs, but please, don’t incorporate them into nervous habits. Everytime you catch yourself retwisting without thinking, pause, and use that moment to be with yourself and remind yourself that you do things with intentions. Sometimes all it takes are small changes of thoughts or actions which can vastly improve our habits, behaviors and therefore life. Really, it has the potential to be that powerful. 
  • Don’t overdo the oil. Too much essential oils will create buildup on the scalp and in the hair follicles. We believe it’s best to moisturize from the inside out. That means drinking a lot of water. A whole lot of water. Keep a canister of water by your bed, by your desk, under your bicycle or in your car.  

Growing Long Locs Challenges

Some of the challenges of growing longer locs may include feeling like your hair is heavy. Sometimes when the locs grow, and we’ve been in the mature phase for a healthy amount of time, the locs can feel heavy. When this happens some people choose to cut their locs to have less weight on their scalp. 

When we get older our hair strands and follicles aren’t as strong as they used to be. So long locs don't actually create breakage, the strength of your roots is what’s key here. In order to prevent breakage, know what’s going on internally, and what your roots and scalp can handle. Because locs may take a long time to grow very long, and many people achieve this at an older age, others think it’s the length that’s causing the breakage. When in truth, it can have nothing to do with the length and more to do with the condition of their hair follicles and the changes in hair strength. 

If your long locs are getting caught in things then you may experience a lot of tugging at your locs. To prevent this, make sure to have a style or system so your hair doesn’t get snagged or caught on things. 

And that’s all folks! If you have any questions or concerns about growing long locs, please reach out to us, we’d love to hear from you! 

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