Everything You Need to Know About Palm Rolling Your Locs

Everything You Need to Know About Palm Rolling Your Locs

Essentially, palm rolling is the same as re-twisting your locs. In this article we’ll get into everything you need to know about palm rolling and maintaining your locs correctly. This way you can avoid frizzy locs and groom your locs with your desired results. 

What Causes Locs to Frizz or Come Undone?

If your hair gets damp your hair can come undone or become frizzy. If you want to eliminate the hair from becoming frizzy, then avoid getting your locs wet in the shower or under the rain. This will help keep your hair as neat as possible. We also recommend investing in a bonnet that is lined inside, so when you shower the steam won't enter and make your hair frizzy. Palm rolling can get frizzy under steam, mist or any bit of drizzle from the sky. 

Can I use Gel in My Locs?

Some people like to put heavy gels on their roots, but be careful with that because that can create build up, which creates a bigger problem down the line. Products that keep your hair for a long time can create a problem down the line. You may not notice it at first, or when the hair is dry, but it’s in there and when you do notice it, it may be too late. The damage will have already been done. 

Tips on Twisting Your Locs

Make sure you're not over twisting. If you palm roll until your roots coil into a spring, then you know you’re over twisting. You want to avoid creating a lot of tension at the root, which can cause breakage. In order to twist correctly, make sure the loc is laying flat on your head and not coiling up. Then you know you’re getting the job done right. 

How often should I Palm Roll?

Do it whenever it needs to be done. Usually people do it when they have to wash their hair again which can be anywhere from 6-8 weeks. Most will opt to palm roll after washing the hair because everything will come undone after a wash. 

How long will Pal Rolling last?

It will last depending on how well you keep it together and not let it get frizzy. Some don't mind the fluffiness, it's a matter of preference as far as how long you want to go between each twist and how long they will last. 

What Products Should I Use When Palm Rolling?

For the full experience, we recommend the Dr Locs’ entire original product line. It was curated for the whole palm rolling session. You can use the trial kit as a small version of the full kit to see how it works for you.

If you just want to twist, Dr Locs offers the Imani Locking Spray and Jinan Moisture Mix set. We don't recommend using the locking spray on its own, because it's only a holding spray and you’ll want something to add moisture to your locs as you twist. The spray along with the jinan moisture mix will offer you that full experience.


The ideal way to maintain your hair as you palm roll is to avoid the hair from getting wet. Moisture from the outside will cause the hair to frizz or come undone. Many use their wash days as the time to retwist their locs. When it's time to palm roll your locs we recommend using the whole Dr Locs original line from start to finish for the full experience. 


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