Dr Locs Tips: Working Out With Locs

Dr Locs Tips: Working Out With Locs

It is very typical for people to start their loc journey when going through something in life. There's always a story that comes with locs. Some people can also be going on a health journey. Working out with locs almost comes hand in hand with locs and they are compatible. It's a mindshift. In this article we’ll have a look at how you can work up a sweat while keeping your locs looking and smelling fresh. 

A Bit About Locs

Locs are matted hair. You might have been staying away from matting and tangling, but now it's a good thing. When you sweat your hair might mat, which is great for locs. 

Hair Growth and Locs

The key to having your hair grow is to leave it alone. When we do too much we prevent growth. When you grow your locs your hair will grow longer because you're letting it grow. When you start this new journey you might feel more relaxed. You can work out, work up a sweat and leave your hair alone. Your frizz is good, especially in the beginning, so don't try to trim it. You'll need that to twist your hair later on. As you evolve and relax into your journey, you’ll stop worrying about frizz and realize it's a part of the journey. 

#1 Lifesaver for Working Out with Locs

The Pre-Cleanse is the good ol’ faithful product which will be your best friend on your loc journey. Many people swear by this product. They use it without washing it out, after a workout, to keep their locs looking and feeling fresh. This is your go-to product if you love to get your sweat on.

If you're that person that packs your gym bag before heading out, you want to pack your Pre-Cleanse, Yasin Shampoo, Janin Moisture Mix and maybe the Yaya oil too. 

How to Wash Your Locs After a Sweaty Workout

Spray the Pre-Cleanse throughout, then rinse it out if you just shampooed recently. It's not necessary to shampoo everyday, your Pre-Cleanse will get that stench and sweat out. If you want to go for a full wash, you’ll want to start with the Pre-Cleanse and Yasin Shampoo or Rose Lavender Shampoo. Follow your shampoo with the Amla Extract Conditioner and then the Jinan Moisture Mix for a full wash (if you're not caring about your retwist.) 

If you're an interlocker, you don't have to worry about the new growth. You’ll use the Rose Lavender Shampoo after the Pre-Cleanse. All of the products from our color treated line can be used on anyone looking for added moisture, with or without color in their hair.

Our Clarifying Shampoo is absolutely necessary for anyone lacking moisture. You want to use the Sweet Peppermint Clarifying Shampoo for a re-fresh every other wash. This shampoo is what will allow you to absorb more moisture into your locs to get to where you want to be. This shampoo will not streak your hair. Our Clarifying Shampoo goes deeper and then allows you to absorb more moisture after you use it. You'll really feel the moisture absorbing into your locs after using this product. 

Reducing Frizz After a Workout

If you're going to work and don't like your hair frizzy after a workout, you can retwist your front row. Use the Jinan Moisture Mix after your shampoo. You can also opt to just use the Pre-Cleanse and rinse it out. Then retwist the front rows with the Imani Locking Spray with a clip, two pigtails, or up in a ponytail. 

Here's what your routine might look like:

Spray the Pre-Cleanse, rinse, then towel dry or use a hair dryer. Focus on ringing things out, run the dryer up and down after you towel dry to get whatever moisture you missed. Then spray the Jinan Moisture mix throughout, massage the scalp, and finish with the Yaya Oil if you want that really neat look. Put the hair up in a ponytail to keep your hair flat, use a scarf and take it out before you're ready to leave.

There's no law, you can use the dryer last, but we just want to avoid losing product, which is why we try to use the product before the dryer. 

And you’re all set!

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