Natural Loc Hairstyles

Natural Loc Hairstyles

We’ve all gone through that frustrating phase of, “I’m tired of wearing the same hairstyle day after day. I want, no I need something new.” While locs don’t grow so quickly for most of us, they nonetheless grow. Sometimes they get to a length where you find that you’re no longer into the way your locs hang and shape your face. Then, you can’t decide whether you should cut your locs, or hey! try something totally new. 

Here is a list of some tantalizing-stylizing ideas. 

We all need inspiration sometimes. 

  1. The ombré hair-dyeing technique This is when you have naturally dark hair and you leave your roots as they are and gradually dye the ends a sort of sweet honey blond. The transition from dark brown or black to a honey blond seems to be a fairly popular style around the loc block. This style works for both men and women alike. 
  2. Accessorize If you're sailing the natural loc ship, where you even allow new curly growth to grow in freely, this style may be just enough for you, and why shouldn't it be? But, if you are looking for ways to amp up your locs, go for the gold, and try to adorn your locs with different accessories that you find attractive, or ones that suit your style, or maybe ones that can even offer you a new style.
  3. What's your Texture? Well, what's pretty cool is how locs continue to penetrate the styles of many different types of people, with different beliefs, cultures, and aesthetic intentions. Depending on your hair texture you can manage to pull off different kinds of styles. For those with exceptionally thin hair that has a bit of a curl or wave to the texture, you may choose to leave the ends of your locs loose and free to do its own thing. If your hair was born to loc and you’ve had a legendary loc’ing experience try to keep your locs even at length. Or, if you’ve already done that, try some shorter locs in layers to frame your face. 
  4. If you have short locs go for the long and patient stretch, and if you have long locs try the trim and see where it takes you. Change might not always be easy and smooth but, in the end, is usually rewarding. If you feel like trying something new, we say take the risk and go for it. Trust your instincts and follow your feelings. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised by the end of your transition. 

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