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One of the latest trends in hair care now is ‘water only washing,’ but is this type of rinsing really convincing? Many people resolve to water washing their locs as a way to prevent over washing their locs, but is this trend similar to that co-washing trend that turned out...

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Your hair porosity is a key element in what makes your hair look and feel healthy and nurtured, so what is hair porosity exactly? Hair porosity is how your locs / natural loose hair absorbs and retains moisture. Your hair porosity is subject to change due to hormonal factors, and...

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When we visualize the origins of corporate America, it’s a pretty petty monotonous one, think “Mad Men” type of setting where men are in higher regard and women are fighting for a chance to be noticed and respected. Luckily for America, and the world, things have slowly begun to change,...

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