Hot vs Cold Water Shampooing for Your Locs? Does it matter?

Hot vs Cold Water Shampooing for Your Locs? Does it matter?


There’s lots of us who just absolutely love a steaming hot shower, but do your locs yearn for the burn? The truth is, it’s not all that simple. Let’s look into the pros and cons of hot and cold water showers for your hair. 

Pros of Hot Water Shampooing

So you know when your hands, dishes or clothing are really dirty and you need to get all that yuck and smuck off? Naturally you go straight to the hot water knob or cycle to ensure all that nasty bacteria runs down the drain and out of your life right? When it’s that holy time for shampooing your locs you want the cleanest job possible. A rinse that removes all that dirt, debris and buildup. Dr Locs Tip: The steam from the hot water will open the pores of your hair and give your strands and scalp a good ‘ol clean

Cons of Hot Water Shampooing

The cons on the other hand lead to frizz and potential hair loss. When water is very hot, mixed with shampoo, you wind up removing too many essential oils and moisture from the hair. The combination of shampoo and very hot water will lead to dry and dull hair. Hot water will also lead to dry scalp, weakened hair and frizz. No thank you!  

Pros of Cold Water Shampooing

Cold water locks in moisture after sealing the cuticle of the hair. Cold water will preserve natural oils in the scalp and hair and is especially helpful for those prone breakage and frizz. 

Cons of Cold Water Shampooing

It’s not recommended to shampoo locs with strictly cold water because it doesn’t remove dirt as well as warm water would. When shampooing, it's a good method to include this as a part of your regimen if you have a conditioner you’re trying to add to the scalp that requires it to sit for a little while so it can lock in the moisture needed. 

So What’s the Correct Answer? 

Okay, we know we’re exaggerating here, but the answer to whether you should shampoo with hot or cold water is, well, neither. Though this may not lead to the most pleasant shower, washing your locs with warm water is the best way to ensure your locs are clean, but won't wind up dry and frizzy. It just takes a little getting used to, but these are one of those cases where it’s best to look to the future rather than the present moment, you know what we mean? Dr Locs Tip: Try a warm shampoo rinse and ease into a warm, but cooler conditioner rinse to seal in the moisture for best results.


Have you transitioned from burning hot showers to warm water showers? What were the results in your skin and locs?

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