Questions You Should Be Asking Your Loctician Before Installing Locs

Questions You Should Be Asking Your Loctician Before Installing Locs

We always, ALWAYS recommend going to see your loctician before installing your locs and getting yourself a consultation. You don’t want to just rely on a loctician’s Instagram or popularity when it comes to this long-term hairstyle. Even though a loctician may seem great on social media, in reality, they may not be the right loctician for you. In this article we’ll have a look at some questions you should ask your loctician so you can decide if the loctician you found is right for you. 

Their Background Experience

Ask them how long they've been working with locs. We recommend you ask to see pictures of previous clients and their work. Ask to see the progression of those clients, not just after they've had their locs done. Find out if they have day one photos of their clients and pictures of them a year later. You want to see the progression to know how you want to start your locs and see what the journey may look like for you with this loctician. 

Ask about the Technique they Recommend 

Is there a technique they would prefer or recommend based on what they see when looking at your hair? 

A really good loctician will ask you questions before answering your questions. There isn't a one size fits all technique. The style and method you choose will depend on your hair type, lifestyle, expectations and patience level. After chatting, ask if there's a technique they'd recommend for your hair. Maybe the technique you thought of wasn’t best for you based on their expertise. 

Side Note: 

If there's a technique you really want, you want to make sure you know how long they've been doing that technique. You're not going to be getting their best work if the technique you wanted isn't their thing. You want a loctician that excels in the style and technique you want. 

Ask about their Products

Ask them what products they’re using. You might have an allergy to some ingredient, or prefer products that only use natural and safe ingredients for your locs like those found in the Dr Locs Product Line. Ask them what they use for locs. And, if you plan on using your own products, ask if that works for them. 

Maintenance Questions

Ask how often they recommend you come back in for maintenance. And, you definitely want to ask how much maintenance costs. Installation and maintenance may be different prices. You’ll also want to ask what's involved in their maintenance services.

What questions do you have for your loctician before going in for an Installation? 

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