What are Wick Locs?

What are Wick Locs?

One of the myths and misconceptions over locs is that there is only one style of locs. And man, that couldn’t be further from the truth! Actually, most of those myths which we love to break and set straight, usually stray far away from the truth.

One of the latest loc trends are what’s called wick locs. You’re probably here because you’ve heard of wick locs but are wondering what they actually are. Or, maybe you’re considering styling your locs into wick locs. Well, keep reading to learn the details about wick locs. 

Wick Loc Origin

Many believe Wick locs were first born in the south of Florida. Wick locs truly took the stage when some celebrities started wearing the style. One of the most well known wick loc artists is Kodak Black. The name supposedly comes from the wick of the candle, which apparently stands up straight, rather than falling over. Though we’re open to hear some other etymology suggestions. 

How to Achieve Wick Locs

There are two ways to achieve wick Locs. Both methods involve already having a loc style. Either you can go the freeform route. The freeform method involves starting off with freeform locs and combining the locs overtime. 

The second option is combining your locs into wick locs. Many start with rubber bands so they have more control over the union between locs. The first method is a rubberband free method while the latter involves rubber bands. If you choose to follow the freeform method, you can choose to separate the locs as they grow together, if you want more control over the style and thickness of your wick locs. 

While wick locs seems to be a Florida thing, it is definitely not a style exclusive to the Florida crowd. If this is a style that calls out to you, we hope you go for it! If you live outside of Florida this will certainly be a unique style choice. This is just one of the many ways to get a lot of attention for your awesome loc style. 

Do you know anyone with Wick locs? Or are you considering wick locs? Share your stories with us, we want to hear from you! 

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