Self Care: Why It’s Everything and How to do it Better

Self Care: Why It’s Everything and How to do it Better

Can we say something as strong as: you are your self-care? 

Whether you love routine, crave routine, or avoid routine, self care is absolutely something you’re going to need to add to your daily life. Yes, daily. If you want to live better and feel better (who doesn't?) then you’re going to have to start setting aside time for you, just you, to recharge and reconnect to yourself and your needs. 

In this article we’re going to have a look at some really simple ways to implement self care activities that are free and accessible - so really, no excuses! 

Take Breaks

Some of us (many of us) just don’t know how to take breaks. You are allowed your day of rest, please take it and make the most of it. Ideally, you’d start taking breaks to check-in with yourself, to take deep breaths and recenter yourself daily. Maybe you can reconnect with yourself while you’re in the shower, on your way to work, during your lunch break, before each meal, after every meal, before bed, as soon as you wake up, or all of the above - start connecting your moments of deep breathing and centering with your daily activities. Those habits that are already in your routine can link up with healthy, centering habits, to keep you cool and at your best for the moments to come. And who knows? Slowly, you may start building a deeper connection with yourself, who you are, and your needs. 

Take a Bath with Essential oils

Instead of always rushing through a shower to check it off and get out the house, or into the bed, how about treating yourself to a bath once or twice a week? Pick a day to be your assigned bath day. Make it something special. Find some essential oils you may have around the house, flower petals, sea salt, whatever you need to make it feel special. Bring the spa to your bathroom - this small act might just enhance your entire week! 

Take Walks, Sit outside, or Go for a Run

Sometimes going for a walk or run can really help set your mind at ease and helps to organize one’s thoughts. Not only is it physically healthy to get outside for some fresh air and move around a little bit, but stepping out of your daily loops might just help you look at important situations in your life from a fresh perspective. Even just sitting outside for a few minutes a day can really go a long way. 

Bonus love points if you take walks or go outside and simply remind yourself that you’re doing this activity as a way to take care of yourself. 

Meditate or Practice Yoga

You don’t need to pay a yoga and meditation center/instructor for daily yoga classes, or register for meditation apps, you can really just find videos on YouTube that work for you and your needs and see where that takes you. 

You can also just meditate on your own and trust your inner-voice to guide you to silence. It’s all so accessible and oh so meaningful. We really do want to encourage you to amp up your self care habits. We all need a little more self love. 

Treat your Hair to a Hot Oil Treatment 

Not only does a hot oil treatment feel incredible, but you’re also taking care of your beauty needs, which might sound superficial to some, but treating your skin, hair and scalp is not superficial, it’s healthy and rejuvenating physically and spiritually. 

You can use the oil you have in your house like coconut oil, grapeseed oil or olive oil and use those 20 minutes as the oil works its magic on your hair and scalp to really feel good in your own body. Maybe you can even extend that feeling to a few hours, days or weeks? If you already have our Yaya Oil, then you know that’s your go-to oil for this moment. 

Make Yourself an All Natural Mask 

Your self care does and should extend into your skin care and hair care. Treat yourself to a mud mask with a mud formula you might already have or use ingredients like turmeric and honey, you can make a mask with cocoa powder and avocado, or whip up something based on this list. This is you time.   

Ask for Help

And please, never be afraid to reach out and ask for help. You can call up a friend, family member, therapist, or neighbor if you really need someone, but may feel too ashamed to ask. The people around you care about you and want to help you by lending an ear, offering some advice, or maybe there’s someone who you can delegate a task to so that you have the free time, the 10 minutes, the hour, the day or week for you, for just you. Self Care can really go so far and wide and you deserve it more than anyone!  

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