3 Tips for Launching Your Business for the First Time

3 Tips for Launching Your Business for the First Time

Ready to start your first business but looking for some professional tips on how to put your pieces in order for a successful launch?

Chimere Faulk, the creator/CEO of Dr Locs, also known as the Natural Hair Lady, is ready to reveal some of her top tips to the community. Chimere studied Creative Advertising from Virginia Commonwealth University from Richmond, Virginia and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications. However, after working for a few advertisement companies, she finally decided to commit her life to something she loved and believed in. In 2011, she officially created The Natural Hair Lady salon in her home, where she then organically began her Dr Locs line in 2015, which has been running successfully ever since. Not to say there weren’t any bumps in the road, because that’s just life, but she made it through and so did Dr Locs. 

So what does Chimere have to say about launching your business for the first time? 

Here’s what:

#1: Having a great plan on how your going to obtain emails and phone numbers 

When you’re launching your business Chimere highly recommends having a strategy for gathering emails and phone numbers. You don't want to rely heavily on social media or your website. You want a way to have people’s permission to connect with them by using their phone numbers or email addresses. You want a way for them to subscribe to your business. Not everyone is going to buy from you as soon as you’re ready to start selling. Some people will need time to warm up, once they have the trust and confidence in your products or business, then they might be ready to buy. 

#2 Remember the phrase: Give, Give, Give, Ask

Again, that’s Give, give, Give, Ask. Marketing works in a way that you don't want to be that loud used car salesman. You want to position yourself as an expert in your industry, so you give over valuable information. You want to be the expert in your industry. 

So, let’s say you want to sell Vacuum Cleaners. You want to be the expert on cleaning. You want to give out a lot of information on that topic and answer questions that are common in your industry. Keep that in mind when you’re launching a business. You want to build that relationship with your customers because not everyone is going to buy from you right away, even if you are very passionate about your products, they need to build that interest. 

#3 Make sure you have the product available

A lot of times people start a business and they might know how well the product is going to sell, but you want that product on hand. You don't want to keep the customer waiting. They're excited for their products and you want a nice turn around for when they receive their product - to keep that excitement and that hype. That’s the best way to then keep the customer long-term for future sales. 

If you have any questions for us, do reach out, we’d love to hear from you!


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