How to Maintain Locs During Cool Dry Winter Month

How to Maintain Locs During Cool Dry Winter Month

You already know how important it is to maintain moisture in your locs all year long. Each season comes with its different perks and tweaks. What you may be doing in the summer to keep your locs looking their best, may look different in winter. In this article we’ll have a look at some loc maintenance tips for winter months. 

Invest in a Steamer 

If you're having a dry spell during the winter time, the best way to maintain moisture is to invest in a steamer. Dr Locs doesn’t offer the steamer anymore, but it is worth going out and getting yourself one. Prepare your locs with your steamer and Dr Locs product line. 

How to maintain moisture with your steamer:

A lot of times that moisture isn't there because there's too much build up, trapped oils and dirt in the follicles. This blocks the moisture you want and need from entering your hair. 

Here's some steps you can take with your steamer to add and seal in that moisture.

Step One: This is where Dr Locs Clarifying Shampoo comes in.

Clarifying every now and then helps clean up anything that may be blocking the hair follicles from receiving and maintaining moisture. Our Clarifying Shampoo will clear up any build up, dirt or products you may have used that’s weighing down on your locs, that you can't see, but your dry locs are telling you is there. Your hair can give up and won't be able to retain any moisture. Don't clarify every time you wash your hair. Clarify once a month if you wash twice a month if you feel your hair isn't maintaining moisture. 

Step Two: Clarify first, then go for our Rose Lavender or Jasin shampoo.

Both our color treated shampoos (ie the Clarifying Shampoo and the Rose Lavender Shampoo) can be used on any hair, colored or natural. It’s specifically designed to offer more moisture to your locs. Or, you can opt for the Jasin Shampoo from the original Dr Locs' Line.

Step Three: Then follow up your shampoo session with the Amla Extract Conditioner

Massage the Amla Extract Conditioner throughout your locs down to your tips.

Bonus: Add Dr Locs Moisture Mix as well if you want even more moisture. 

Step Four: Sit under a steamer.

Sit under your steamer for 20-40 minutes. Then rinse your locs with cool water to close and seal up your follicles. Your hair follicles are open when you steam and will seal up with the cool water. 

Utilize that Hood Dryer

In the winter, you probably won't air dry your locs, so dry your hair completely under a hood dryer. We don't recommend air drying your locs, but in the winter months, air drying is certainly not an option. A hood dryer is a really good investment to keep your hair without any mildew stench. Be careful with letting your hair dry in a head scarf which will trap moisture in your locs, the kind of moisture you don't want. The kind of moisture that creates that mildew smell.  

Styles can help with Moisture

Keep your hair in a twist, braids or any type of up-dos after it's dry. Your hair wants to be left alone and if you keep it in a style it can help maintain that moisture. 

Keep Your Hair Covered

Using a hair covering is also a great way to maintain moisture after you dry your hair. It's a great way to retain moisture with style. Especially wraps with silk on the inside. Keep your hair covered in a satin or silk scarf at bed time. And change your pillowcase, washing them more often than you might think. Old oils build up on your pillow case, washing them keeps your hair fresh and clean and helps with your skin too. Satin or silk pillowcases are great for locs. 

Know Your Your Hair Type 

Depending on what type of hair you have will answer how often you should be washing your hair. Curlier, kinky hair should not be rinsed every day in the shower because that will dry your hair out. Don't do everything you see someone else doing. The coarser your hair is, the less you should wash your hair. Washing a few times a week is too much.

Use Jinan Moisture Mix daily. 

Use Jinan Moisture Mix daily. This does create miracles. If you’re having a problem with dry locs, the Jinan moisture mix does help with moisture without adding heavy weight to your locs from products. We have seen its magic working first hand over the years. 

Be Aware of What You Eat and Drink

Make sure you're eating healthy yummy things, because moisture starts from the inside out. If you eat differently in the winter time, during the holiday seasons, or you find yourself with seasonal depression, you might be eating unhealthy things. Eat well, it comes out in your hair. Drinking less water in cooler months can also affect your hair.

We also recommend that you check up on your vitamin levels, see if you're deficient in vitamins like vitamin D, C or your B vitamins.. Detoxes can help when done with a naturopathic doctor. They can help get rid of blockages in your body that can be affecting the moisture level in your hair.

If you have any questions about what's going on with your locs, we do recommend speaking to a professional. Someone who can have a look at your locs and tell you what might be going on. 

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