How to Prep Your Locs for Winter Get-Away

How to Prep Your Locs for Winter Get-Away

If you’re planning a get-away to a totally different climate, where you don’t know any loctician off-hand, you might want to prepare some tricks to keep your locs looking their best all vacation long. In this article we’ll have a look at some of our favorite ways to prep your locs for a weekend or winter getaway. 

Many Styles in One

You can go for a two in one or, even three in one style. This will give you a different flavor everyday, if you're going to have a three day weekend. For example, you can put your hair in a two strand twist or flats (style #1) and the next day or so, take it out and your hair will be crinkly or wavy (Style#2). The bigger chunks will make your locs look wavy, if you want more of a  crinkly look, you’ll use less chunks of locs per twist. For a third style, you can start off with a bun. So you would braid up the locs into a bun (style #1), then bring the bun down, and you'll have another style (style #2), and then take out the braids and you’ll be cruising with your third style. 

Just a note if you’re going to try this: Setting your locs will take some time. So we do recommend styling your locs a week before your trip. Because if you do it right before, and then take your locs down, you won’t have that cute style you’re after. The waves won’t last long. Get your hair styled in advance for that 3-in-1 look. 

Invest in a Shower Cap

Invest in a shower cap that has silk on the inside because hotels wont have this if you want to preserve your hair style. A regular shower cap will create moisture in your shower cap and make your hair frizzy. It will take out what your loctician did before you left. Buy a shower cap with silk on the inside and pack her up. Dr Locs does plan on making them one day, so keep an eye out. 

Interlocking Your Locs

If you're going to go swimming, because there will be a beach or pool nearby, you can get interlocking done. When you get your hair retwisted it can come undone from the water. So you can get interlocking done before your trip. You shouldn't get interlocking before your trip however, if you don't want your hair to feel firm. Interlocking needs to be done properly, so do find a loctician that knows how to interlock or is experienced with the crochet method. You will be able to move around with your locs and get them wet and your hair won't come undone. 

Dr Locs Travel Kit

We have our Dr Locs travel kit which is a 1-ounce version of the product line. Buy it before your trip so it arrives before you leave. Do make sure to bring your Jinan Moisture Mix, this is something you don't want to leave behind when traveling to retain that healthy moisture. You can transfer it to a smaller bottle or pack the bottle you already have, this will be your number one tool when traveling. 

Pack a Hand Dryer

A lot of time your winter getaway will involve a hot tub and your hair can get wet. You don't want to get into the habit of getting your hair wet and air drying because this will create a stench down the line. Use a hand dryer and pack one if they don't have one where you're traveling to. 

What’s the number one item you bring for your locs wherever you go, whether traveling for a short or long period of time?

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