Our Favorite Wash Day Products for Hair Treatment at Home

Our Favorite Wash Day Products for Hair Treatment at Home

Um… that’s an easy one: the whole Dr Loc’s line of course! 

Dr Locs was created because there wasn’t a system or line out there designed especially for locs. The set is designed as a system from beginning to end; from before you step into the shower, until you properly dry those locs. Each product is for a wash day. And in case you're not familiar with the Dr Locs buildup free line yet, let’s take a quick tour on how to progress through the entire line for buildup free, beautiful locs. 

Dr Locs Pre-Cleanse

First up is the Pre-cleanse. The Pre-Cleanse is used just before you’re ready to jump in the shower. It works at naturally pulling up any dirt or debris that may have gotten caught in the locs in between your wash days. The Pre-Cleanse removes trapped oil, dirt, and product buildup (if you weren’t using Dr Locs line yet, because as we mentioned, Dr Locs line is completely buildup free!) from the scalp and new growth area. 

Yasin Shampoo

Once you’ve rinsed the Pre-Cleanse from your scalp and locs, it’s time for the Yasin Shampoo. Dr Locs’ Yasin Shampoo gently cleanses your locs and scalp restoring it to its desired pH level. The refreshing mint and lavender scent will leave your locs feeling tingly clean and refreshed. 

Apply the shampoo to wet locs and massage into a rich lather. Rinse thoroughly. It’s recommended to wash locs at least 3 times during one wash routine.

Jinan Leave-in Conditioner

After washing, you’ll want to go for Dr. Locs’ Jinan Leave-In Conditioner. The Jinan Leave-In Conditioner promises to rehydrate both your scalp and locs daily. It’s perfect for dry locs because it is made up of enriching ingredients like distilled water and coconut oil. You can use the Jinan Leave-In conditioner as your daily loc moisturizer. Just spray and go as needed for softer, healthier locs. 

The Steamer

If you want to use a steamer, use it after you shampoo. Pair the steamer with the leave-in conditioner. Always use distilled water in the steamer. Do not use spring water or any other water that will leave behind minerals in the steamer and break it down the line. Add the water when the steamer is unplugged. Let the steamer heat up. When it starts steaming, run the steamer up and down the locs. Do not use it on the scalp, it will burn the scalp. Steam for 20-30 minutes. You may need to refill the steamer to complete the session. When you’re done, rinse your hair with cool water. The steamer opens everything up, so you need the cool water to seal in the moisture. You can opt to save your leave-in conditioner after you steam. Then go on with the rest of the line as normal. 

Imani Locking Spray

Next up, Imani locking spray. Dr Locs’ Imani Locking Spray gives your freshly twisted locs the hold you want without dryness or build-up. This alcohol-free, chamomile tea based spray is perfect for both rehydrating and grooming those locs. This locking spray offers your locs a smooth healthy finished look without leaving behind any of that yucky build-up. Then you’re ready to sit under the drier to properly dry those locs both inside and out. 

Yaya Oil

And finally, the delicious Yaya oil. Dr  Locs’ Yaya Oil is made up of six different essential oils in order to restore shine and deeply moisturize your locs and scalp. This oil is made up of Grape seed oil, avocado oil, Jojoba oil, Argan oil and more! We also recommend using this oil for a hot oil treatment to really hydrate those locs and prevent dry locs. 

And that’s it! 

If you have any questions about Dr Locs line and how to use the products check out our “How To Guide” here.

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