How to Properly Detangle Locs

How to Properly Detangle Locs

There comes a time when you start to notice your locs merging together. Merging together in a way you might not have planned for. 

As your hair grows, and your locs form, you or your loctician will work at defining the size and width of each loc as you desire. When we don’t retwist regularly, we may notice sometime down the line that the locs have merged together, let’s just say, not according to plan. 

So how should you separate the locs without disrupting the loc’ing process? 

Great question!

The dos and don’ts of separating merged locs

When your locs start merging together and you want to separate the locs, first make sure the hair is wet or damp. Don’t separate the locs when the hair is dry. When the hair is wet it has more elasticity and will be able to handle the movement and will be prone to less breakage. 

Use your fingers to separate the locs, the way you would unravel a small bracelet or necklace. You need to figure out what goes where by feeling it out. Obviously you’ll need a lot of patients, but we know you have it in you! 

You’ll know when to pull them gently, but find the rhythm in the tangle in order to detangle, and take your time with it. It's okay to nudge the hair a little every now and then, but don’t pull too hard or overdo it. 

Detangling is important when you don’t want to retwist every time you wash. If you want to wash and go then you make sure your locs are detangled after you’ve shampooed and cleansed. You want to pay special attention to the locs in the back which tends to tangle up more. Then you’re ready to get out there and have an amazing day!

Watch this helpful video for more details.

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