How to Tie a Headwrap with Locs in Four Fabulous Ways

How to Tie a Headwrap with Locs in Four Fabulous Ways

Looking for beautiful ways to tie up your locs? Don’t worry, we got you covered!

Headwraps are a necessary and fantastic accessory when it comes to your locs. Headwraps are a quick and simple solution for those days where you have to cover up those locs, or when you simply want your locs off your back and away from your face. 

When choosing the right headscarf, find your favorite colors and patterns, ones that you want to wear to the office, park, dinners or a trip to the supermarket. There are so many styles out there, that you really can wear a headscarf for any occasion. When choosing a headscarf though, you want to avoid cotton and go for chiffon, viscose, silk (which may be a bit trickier to keep in place for an extended period of time) or a material that won’t dry out your locs. 

No, let’s get into those styles!

Twisted Two Scarf Turban 

You can start with a base scarf to protect your hair and twists. 

In this style you’ll need two scarfs. Fold the first scarf the long way in half. Cover the nape of your neck and ears with the base of the scarf. Let the two sides rest over your shoulder and grab your second scarf. Fold the second scarf the long way and wrap it around the center of the back of your head. Join the four arms of the scarf held in front of your forehead and get ready to tie your first knot! Shift the knot forward, and tie the second knot. Then separate the two scarves on the edge and twist each end and tuck the twist into the back of your head, under the first scarf. Repeat on the second side and get ready to show off your next headscarf look! 

Gigantic Awesome Bow

First gather your locs into a top bun and then place the headwrap by your nape, at the back of your head. Then you’re ready to pull the two ends towards your crown. Tie the wrap into a knot at the center. Fold the fabric evenly to make an oversized bow in the front and then tuck the ends of the scarf into the bow flaps, and that’s it! You’re done! 

Half up Wrap

Tie your front locs high at the back of your head. Then criss cross your favorite colorful head scarf in the front and in the back. Then tie a knot with the fabric in the back and tuck in the fabric ends behind your ears under the fabric and that’s it! 

Full Frontal Coverage with a little style

Tie your locs back with a hair tie. Open your favorite fabric, cover the top of your head with it and tie it on the back of your neck. Then twist one side of the extra fabric and wrap it around your ponytail, do the same on the other side and tuck it in by your nape, under the gathered locs. You can leave out one loc in the front for added style too! 

And that’s it! 

What’s your favorite headwrap style? Do you have photos you’d like to share with us? We’d love to see your killer scarf style! 

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