Natural Hair Care Products for Locs: Our Top Recommendations for 2024

Natural Hair Care Products for Locs: Our Top Recommendations for 2024

In this article we’re going to review and recommend natural hair care products specifically designed for locs including shampoos, conditioners and oils. We’ll also take a look at some other items you may want for your locs including things like clips, towels and hair ties. 

Dr Locs Jinan Moisture Mix

One of Dr Locs’ top sellers in the infamous Jinan Moisture Mix. It's been our number one product since forever and the first product we made. Everyone’s in love with the lemongrass lavender smell because it’s uplifting and light. The entire Dr Locs’ product line was created with the premise to never create build up, and it all started with the Jinan Moisture Mix. It won’t cause build up even if you end up putting too much in your hair. The mix is light but effective and keeps the scalp healthy and clean - which is why it's been our top seller for over 10 years. 

Dr Locs’ Yaya Oil 

Dr Locs Yaya Oil was made because there weren’t any oils on the market specially designed for locs with locs in mind. Chimere, owner of Dr Locs, mixed together her favorite loc oils like jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, argan oil, sweet almond oil, apricot oil and avocado oil. When mixed together, it's actually not as oily as it sounds. It's not heavy but very impactful. It adds a softness and shine to the hair and nourishes the scalp. Some even use this oil for their skin as well. We don't recommend using the oil everyday, it's not necessary. A few times a week works, but feel free to enjoy it on your skin everyday. 

The Entire Original Dr Locs Set

Our clients love this set as their tool to get their hair done with their loctician. You start with the Pre-Cleanse, which you’ll use before shampooing. Spray the Pre-Cleanse throughout your hair and scalp. Rinse with warm water and use as much as you need. The build up you might have will rise up from the center of the locs and the shampoo will rinse it out. The Pre-Cleanse also works at neutralizing smells if your locs are smelling funky. 

The Yasin Shampoo is the first shampoo created on the Dr Locs’ Line. It’s a deep cleanser. And believe us when we say, a little goes a long way. The Jinan moisture mix would be the next step after your shampoo and then the Imani Locking Spray. It's a liquid spray for your locs made without alcohol and it will speed up your twisting sessions. You can spray and retwist each loc during your grooming sessions. It also quickens the drying time. We do recommend sitting under the dryer and then following up with the Yaya oil. The whole set is a top seller because each item works at cleansing and giving life to your locs. 

Dr Locs’ Color Treated Set

Our color treated, color protecting set is our new loc product line for color treated hair which came out in 2020. When you color treat your hair you're using a chemical which takes out a lot of moisture and we kept that in mind when curating this line. 

The set includes your Sweet Peppermint Clarifying Shampoo, which is a real deep cleanse. It’ll get into the follicles of your hair so your hair can retain moisture post wash. The Clarifying Shampoo will clean the slate without stripping the hair. We purposely formulated this shampoo not to strip the hair. Then you can move onto the Rose-Lavender Color Protecting Shampoo and follow up with the Amla Extract Color-Protecting Conditioner which adds that extra kick of moisture to locs. It's a cream, but it's very very loose. It helps the color without sitting in the locs creating more problems down the line. You now have the tools to keep your color treated locs healthy. 

Towels for Locs

Invest in towels that won't add cotton to your hair. Microfiber towels are a good choice. Jersey material works too, but sometimes they can leave cotton balls in your hair. T-shirts also work, but make sure to use thicker t-shirts for your locs. Salon towels do a good job when they dont leave any cotton balls as well. 

Silver clips

It’s worth investing in silver clips for styling and maintaining your locs. You'll notice whenever we talk about drying your locs at home, or just simply maintaining your locs, we recommend you use those clips. As you may have guessed, Dr Locs is not a fan of the 'no-clip' method.  

Wrap-it styling strips

The wrap-it styling strips help keep the hair matted down by the edges. It’s great if used in tandem with the locking spray, using the clips and strips to retwist. Wash your hair, or skip the wash, you can clip and mat your hair in the front if you’re going out and want to style your hair for some event or date. Sit under a dryer and after an hour your style is ready to go.

Here's a link to the products we recommend for maintaining your Locs

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