Loc Extensions: Pros, Cons, and Maintenance

Loc Extensions: Pros, Cons, and Maintenance

In this article we’re going to have a closer look at the process of adding loc extensions. We’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of loc extensions. We'll also provide tips for maintaining those extensions and some advice when it comes to choosing your loctician if you decide to go for it. 

What your options might look like when considering loc extensions

Loc extensions are a very broad term these days. You can purchase human kinky hair and have it braided or twisted onto your hair without using any synthetic hair. Some locticians will make loc extensions and then attach it to their clients hair. However, you have to make sure you have the installation done properly. As your hair grows out you need to make sure you can support what's been added. 

Even though the middle of the head may be able to handle the weight of the extensions, often, the parameter of the hair is very fine and then when the extensions have been added the edges can’t really support the weight. We all have finer hair towards our edges, so make sure that hair can handle the weight of the extensions. Otherwise 3-6 months down the line you may have problems by your roots. Purchase different size locs, smaller locs for the area around the parameter to avoid this issue. This requires some knowledge on hair and the longevity of locking hair, which should be something you discuss with your loctician beforehand. 

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How to Choose the Right Loctician for Your Extensions

When going for the installation we strongly recommend going to someone who offers a consultation and a warranty. Know you'll be investing a lot of money on the extensions, so if you end up unhappy with the result, what sort of warranty will your loctician offer you? Will they work with you to help you achieve what you want?

Make sure the loctician you choose is a real business, and you want to make sure they really care about your locs. People may have been braiding for years, and just starting to work with locs. They might not know all the ins’ and outs. You want someone who understands the real in depth procedures and maintenance of locs. 

You’ll want to make sure whichever loctician you go for, you're being cared for in the chair while you're getting those extensions and afterwards if you need to follow-up with your loctician. Go with your gut with who you should go with. Look for a consultation to be treated the way you expect and deserve. Get all your questions answered and bring pictures of a few different people with the locs you want so they really understand what you want.

Some Pros and Cons to Adding Loc Extensions

One of the more obvious pros to having loc extensions is that you'll have locs right away. You’ll have locs right away and they’ll be the length you desire. 

A con would be, as we mentioned above, if you put the hair in improperly, then you’ll have thinning hair and breakage down the line. Another con would be if you use synthetic hair. You want to make sure you're using 100% human kinky hair. Know the brand you’re using, especially if you want to color your hair down the line. Ask your local beauty supply store if the hair can be colored, because if it has synthetic hair it won't color. Locticians will know which brands work and which might not, so ask around. If you want to curl your locs, if you have synthetic hair in your extensions, you’ll need to curl with a different method. A blend will need a different technique for styling the hair. 

How to Maintain Loc Extensions

Once you have your locs installed, you can go to anyone to do the re-twist.  Maintenance for loc extensions is easy. It’s the same as someone who started locs traditionally. Every loctician will offer their own maintenance with loc extensions. As a loctician, Dr Locs wants her clients to come back to her if a problem comes up, but you should be able to go to any salon to get your locs re-twisted. 

We recommend not coloring your locs for the first year. Coloring your hair in the first year can undo the process you’ve started. Your hair is still vulnerable, so give it some time. If you know you want to color your locs, we recommend you color your loc extensions before the installation.

Extensions still require patience. Be aware that your hair for the first few months still isn't set, problems can come up with heavy styling, coloring etc. Make sure your hair is secure and consult with your loctician when considering styling. 

We recommend you use the whole Original Dr Locs Line to keep and maintain healthy locs. This line is completely build up free and designed with all the very best ingredients for your locs.

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