Loc Reattachment and What You Need to Know

Loc Reattachment and What You Need to Know

Did you cut your locs and are now having second thoughts or regrets?

You may have decided after cutting off your locs, that actually, you prefer the way you look and feel with your locs compared to how you look and feel without them. No Sweat! There is the option of reattaching locs, but this option does come with it’s risks and rewards. Let’s have a closer look at the process of reattaching locs, and then you can decide if it’s worth it for you to reattach locs, or if you’re ready to start the journey from the very early phases. And remember, no two journeys are alike. So, while you may disregard the option, we do want to encourage you to think it over and explore the deeper reasons why you may not want to start from a new beginning, why you cut your locs off in the first place and why you’re having second thoughts.  

Can all Locticians reattach locs?

Not all locticians can reattach locs safely and effectively. If you want to find the right loctician for loc reattachments, make sure they have a reputable reputation. Ask around, speak to friends, or friends of friends who have reattached their locs with a loctician that they are satisfied with. 

Our friendly word of warning is that the damage that may be done from loc reattachments might not reveal itself in the first months, but can appear somewhere down the line, even a year later. All methods and options will require levels of patients and rewards. Adding hair does come with a certain level of risk. So, make sure your loctician does not add too much hair, which is too much weight for your scalp and roots. 

Can I use someone else's locs?

There are several methods for loc attachments, but know this:

Loc extensions and loc attachments are not the same thing. 

Attaching locs is reattaching a loc that already existed. Reattachment is for when you cut your locs off and then reattach the locs. Or you bought locs and are attaching them to your natural hair. 

Loc extensions are only for if/when you want to extend your locs. Loc extensions is when you use a bundle of loose hair that was bought and create a loc at the end of the existing loc. It looks really good and usually looks like a loc reattachment (which is why some people confuse the two), but it's not the same thing. Loc reattachment is reattaching your pre-existing locs to hair that isn’t loc’ed. 

Again, our word of warning when it comes to loc reattachments:

Our thoughts are that both physically and energetically you cut them off and maybe you wanted to let that part of you go. Maybe you wanted to let go of that energy, or some event or emotion in your life that you were ready to part with. And reattaching locs might bring back that energy, or whatever brought on that need to get rid of your locs in the first place. Personally, not scientifically, we don't really recommend, or encourage this route. 

Our final thoughts on Loc Reattachment

Some locticians do offer this service, but we don't. It can be done, but it’s something we don't exactly encourage. You’ll have to find the right loctician for you if you do decide to go for the reattachment. 

Ask questions during a consultation or phone call, do some research and sit down with them to make sure this is the right loctician for you. Don't be afraid to ask questions. If the professional doesn't answer your questions, then you probably don’t want them to do your hair. 

Not all locticians can do this. Some locticians will tell you they don't know how to do a loc reattachment, some will say they can, and some will say they can but they really don't know how to. So look at their reviews, look at their social media platforms, and ask questions to their former clients. Don't base your instincts and decisions based on people's followings. Reattaching a loc can look good after it's just been done, but really good work shows after a year or so. If it lasts after a long time, it was done well. 

Find a loctician who offers a warranty, because no business owner is perfect, and you want someone who will take care of your locs down the line. Loc reattachments can be a pricey service, so you want to be sure it's worth your money, and the loctician respects your hair, time and wallet as much as their own. 

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