What's the Difference Between an Instant Loc and Loc Care Extensions

What's the Difference Between an Instant Loc and Loc Care Extensions

Looking to change up your loc style for some alternative hair style?

Anyone who ever thought locs weren’t a versatile hairstyle couldn't’ be more wrong! There are so many different loc styles that it’s almost as if we’re discovering a new one every month. One of the latest loc trends is what’s called ‘instant loc.’ If you’re wondering what instant locs are, then we’re here to break it down for you. Then we can get into Loc Extensions and figure out what the difference is between these two options for your locs. 

What are Instant Locs?

Instant locs are installed by sectioning off the hair after a deep clean wash day. When the hair is dry, your loctician will back comb each section, according to the loc size of your choice. Then your loctician will weave each section with a crochet hook. It’s not a very long process, depending on the volume of your hair. You don't need to use any gels, wax or products when installing instant locs with your loctician, though some opt for Dr Locs Jinan Leave-In Conditioner and the Imani Locking Spray for a healthy and strong hold. 

Your loctician will use a tool to tease the hair in each section. Instant locs are for people who just started budding and don't like the frizz. This is a method people do to quickly start their locs using bought hair. Many people with really fine hair try this. 

What are loc extensions?

Loc Extensions will also be installed on hair that has been shampooed with a buildup free shampoo, detangled, and well moisturized with a build up free, all natural essential oil mixture, and blow dried or dried under a hood. 

First your loctician will braid or twist your sectioned hair. The hair extension made from real natural hair is then wrapped around the braid or twist of each section. Loc extensions can be left in the hair for around 8 weeks depending on your hair growth rate and the length you went for.  That being said, when we go for loc extensions, we need to be careful not to go for too much length, adding on more weight than our roots and scalp can handle. Putting too much weight on our roots and scalp will weaken our hair, and will cause thinning and discomfort around the scalp. 

Whichever style you go for, make sure not to use products that cause buildup around your roots and new growth. It’s important that we take care of our scalp and roots so that we don’t damage and weaken the hair follicle, making the hair more prone to breakage and thinning down the line. 

Final Thoughts

Know this: These names can be misconstrued or misunderstood, especially as more and more styles and methods are developed over time. Locs aren't taught in all hair schools and all these names for different styles and methods can be confusing. What we recommend is going to your loctician for a consultation, looking at images and finding exactly what you want with your loctician. 

Many of these names for loc styles and methods are coming down the line from old methods being converted into a new name, but... it's actually the same technique with a new name. To avoid confusion and misunderstandings, you’ll want to look at pictures with your loctician, ask them how it's done and know what it looks like and if it’s the right method and style for your taste and lifestyle. 

We want to encourage you to understand the method and how it'll be done, so you can get a feel for the whole process and outcome. Watch videos, see how people are doing it, and decide for yourself if this looks like the right technique for you. 

There are so many different variations of one name, method and style. The loc industry and the evolution of the techniques in the industry is new and being created, expanded and changing over the years. With all these new names, methods and possibilities it's sooo important that you sit down with your person and tell them what you're considering, talk to them about it and ask them about their methods. Make sure it's someone you trust and believe in. Your loctician and how you install your locs is as important as the style and condition of your hair.

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