Loc Care Checklist (from a Loctician's Perspective)

Loc Care Checklist (from a Loctician's Perspective)

Here are the things you’ll want to be doing for your locs when you’re not sitting in front of your loctician, and want to maintain healthy and awesome looking locs. 

Understand that what you eat will show in your hair.

Not literally of course, but almost so. Nice and healthy locs will come through with your diet. Eating the right daily balance of fruits and vegetables, and drinking a lot of water, is key for rocking soft and well moisturized locs. 

Wash your hair and scalp when it’s dirty. 

Even though you may have read a certain timeline about how and when to wash your locs, you’ll want to pay attention to your own scalp and roots and see when your hair needs a good wash. We don't all work in the same environments, and we don't all have the same lifestyles. Some environments have more dirt, smoke or debris in the air than others. Wash at least once a month. 

Every time you wash your hair you don't need to retwist or interlock.

Maintenance is tending to your roots when it’s the right time for it. Grooming doesn’t come hand in hand with washing. Only groom when it's time to groom. 

Be aware of your daily activity with your hair to avoid breakage.

We want to strongly encourage you not to touch your hair when you're thinking - lost somewhere in deep contemplation, feeling irritated, stressed or frustrated. Twisting your loc by your ear while you're on the phone, or out of sheer habit will break the hair overtime. 

How you cover your locs

You might want to wear a headscarf, headband or wig over your locs, but be aware that what's on your hair isn't causing daily problems or breakage with your hair. You want to make sure what you do to your hair is beneficial to your locs and not slowly damaging your hair over time. 

Retwisting without clips, and going for tight coiling twists will cause breakage over time. 

You might not see it right away, but breakage will occur over time. We do recommend using clips when it’s time for a re-twist. If you’re adamant about not using clips, then retwist without clips, but make sure your locs lay flat. You can put them into two pigtails to make the process easier, but make sure the locs are laying flat and not winded up in coils. Because coiling tightly by the root will cause breakage over time. 

Make sure you’re drying your hair completely. 

This is a big one! Your hair lasts long after you go to your loctician because you're sitting under a hood dryer until your locs are completely dry. If you dry your locs completely, then your hair will look and feel its best. If you don't like a dryer, and want to air dry your hair, you might not notice your style lasting as long. But know this, your Imani locking spray works best with a dryer, because it's beneficial ingredients are activated when the hair is completely dry. Drying goes a long way. 

No reason to trim your locs. 

It’s not necessary to trim your locs in order to sustain healthy growing locs. You only need to trim your locs if you want shorter locs. But trimming your locs doesn't make healthier locs. 


And last, but not least, don't be afraid to look for styles on YouTube. There are some really cute styles out there. The archive is almost endless at this point. Find someone who has similar size and style locs as yours, check out their tutorials and learn how they style their locs for safe and awesome styles. 

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