What to Consider When Cutting Your Locs

What to Consider When Cutting Your Locs

There are several reasons why you may consider cutting your locs. It could be because of decisions you made in the past that may have caused thinning, breakage or build up. Or, you could be cutting your locs for spiritual or emotional reasons. Let’s have a closer look into the reasons why one may cut their locs and what to consider before pulling out those scissors. 

Product Build Up

Some may find product build up in their hair that’s really at a point of no return. In many cases it could have been from using a product to get your locs to form and mold because you didn’t want to go through the early stages of locs. Shortcuts like wax and other products work at holding the locs in the shape you may want, but they cause problems down the line. You may be at the stage where you want to cut off the parts of your locs with all that product build up that you just can’t get rid of with even the best products for build up like Dr Locs Pre Cleanse and Yasin Shampoo

Stench in Your Ends

The ends of your locs may have a bad stench you can’t get rid of, and the only solution you're left with is to cut off those sections. Again, this is probably due to product build up, and sometimes the build up is just too tough and been in there for too long to break down and the only solution are those scissors. This also gives you the opportunity for a fresh start. So, while you may be losing length, you’re definitely going to feel lighter and refreshed. 

Dr Locs’ entire Product Line is build up free. It won’t cause build up even when you overdue with our moisturizing products like the Moisture Mix. Treat your locs with the products they need and love, instead of products that cause problems down the line. 

A New Beginning 

You may also consider trimming your locs if you feel you want a fresh start. Not in the way we mentioned above but in more of a spiritual way. We always say locs are a timeline of what was going on in your life. Some of us have gone through some really hard times, anywhere from a breakup to losing someone, or just a really stressful time period in your life. All these events show up in our locs. You may decide to cut your locs as a way to release that baggage you may feel you're carrying in your locs to start again. Cutting your locs into a new style can give you that feeling of starting over and releasing any energy you may feel your locs are holding onto. 

Lighten Your Load

Another reason why someone may trim their locs is because they may just feel too heavy on their scalp. If you have very long locs, and the weight just feels like it’s too much, you may opt for a trim to lighten your load. 

After Coloring Locs

Coloring locs comes with a lot of harsh chemicals that can dry out locs and cause breakage. That’s why Dr Locs came out with a Color Treated Line, to give those locs the moisture they need that was lost to achieve that color. If you colored your locs but then didn’t have the tools to takes care of them and prevent breakage, you may consider trimming off the areas that are dry, either in one go or slowly over time.

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