Do Locs Damage Your Hair and Scalp?

Do Locs Damage Your Hair and Scalp?

If you’re on the fence about beginning your loc journey, you may be wondering if locs damage your hair and scalp. Of course if they did damage your hair and scalp, it would be a style you wanted to steer clear of. This is, of course, a myth, and we’ll get into how this myth came about. 

Do Locs Damage One’s Hair and Scalp?

Plain and simply, no, they do not. There are some who believe that locs can damage your hair and that’s because people aren't really understanding what's going on with that individual with locs. 

Some people have had locs for many years and their hair is changing because of age. Their locs may be long and their hair is thinning at the scalp and this can be because their hair is changing at the root. The root might not be able to handle what it had grown already.

After around age 45 people's hair begins to thin. If you've had locs, your locs can have some breakage because of the thinning hair. It's an individual experience based on what's going on internally for that person. Sometimes people are stressed, taking medication or changing their diet which changes their hair. The back corner on the right side is the stress point, the hair can get thin right there. People may see thinning locs, because the locs can only survive if the root is strong. 

Extensions might be another example of what causes the hair to thin at the roots. Your roots can't handle what you put on your hair if you add too much weight with extensions. Locs don't damage your hair and scalp, it's all about the health of the root that will determine how thick or thin the hair is by the scalp. 

How to Enhance Hair Growth for Thinning Locs
Dr Locs’ Yaya Oil can enhance hair growth. Make sure you understand how your diet affects your hair and go see a doctor to make sure you're good internally. The Jinan Moisture Mix also helps stimulate hair growth. Massage the scalp with fingertips when applying your products to your scalp. Use the two products together for optimal hair growth results.

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