How to Teach Children to Maintain Their Locs

How to Teach Children to Maintain Their Locs

There are several different approaches to teaching your child about locs, and there could be different reasons why you may want to teach your child about locs. Maybe it’s a style their interested in having, or maybe its a style you’re interested in introducing to them. If your child does decide to have locs, and they’re sure its the style they want, there will be some tools they’ll need to maintain their locs, either on their own or with your guidance. 

Some Inspiring Lessons Learned from Locs

We love the idea of teaching your children that Locs is a journey that they can compare with their life. Things can be uncomfortable, there will be changes, and stages and you can show your children how to work through those changes and phases. We love this about locs.  

Styles for Your Child

Encourage your child to look up styles on pinterest and create a pinterest board. They can then use that inspiration for their hairstyles that they choose and love. This will get them actively involved with their hairstyling and taking care of their hair.  

Wash Routine

You can teach them how to properly wash their own locs in the shower. Teach them how to rinse properly and show them the right amount of shampoo they need for their hair. Make sure they’re not putting too much shampoo in their hair and they’re rinsing out the shampoo completely. Especially in the back. Have them tip their head over and rinse out that shampoo in the back. 

Drying Locs

Encourage your children how to properly dry their hair as well. Ring the locs out from the roots and show them how to work their way down each loc in the shower. After several rinsing sessions, move on to towel drying their locs.Then show them how to use a hand dryer or use a hood dryer. When using a hood dryer, make sure they put their hair into two pigtails and then spray the Jinan moisture mix. Then they will sit under the dryer and they’ll spray the mix again as soon as their hair is dry. They can get out their ipad while sitting under the dryer, or you can offer them something to do while they dry their hair. 

Maintaining Locs at Home

Some parents might choose to get their child’s hair done and then they will need to help them understand how to maintain their locs at home. Encourage the child to put their bonnet on as soon as they get home so they don't have to worry about messing it up down the line. Kids can be rough with their hair and covering their hair at home and before going in the shower will help maintain what you paid for. 


Children might want to accessorize their locs. You can help them pick out accessories and styles for their locs. The more involved they are, the more they will love their hair and the styles they choose.

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